February 2021

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Queensland Health’s Facebook has been shut down on the eve of the COVID vaccine rollout. The Bureau of Meteorology and TransLink have also been wiped.

‘This is nuts’ as Facebook wipes Qld Health, BOM, TransLink

"Thanks for your support GREENRIVER! Hope the weather is lovely up at the Mount today :) "

June 2018

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WATCH: Sea of maroon floods Rocky river front

Rocky councillors light up CBD in origin spirit

"There were plans to put nice lights on the bridge, but apparently main roads weren't keen on it so it..."

June 2017

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Shopper's shame: 'Once I produced my receipt I was still escorted back in the store'

Rocky shopper's shame: Woolies staffer called me $5 thief, chased me

"Hi there, Morning Bulletin reporter here. I can edit the comment if you send me an email at..."

May 2017

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CENTRAL Queensland construction company wins tender for huge Coast project.

120 jobs as huge $18m Coast project tender awarded

"Hi Gobbledigook. Bully reporter Mel Plane here. I just touched base with LSC regarding the lazy river..."

June 2015

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POLICE are investigating reports a group of youths has been harassing customers and staff at Rockhampton shopping centres.

Kids harassing customers at Rockhampton shops

"I like that idea!! :) "

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ON FRIDAY afternoon, the doors of The Coffee House will close indefinitely.

Business dries up at Rockhampton CBD cafe, Coffee House

"Hi CQld1, reporter Melanie Plane here, yes it does include the motel side. Sorry, I should have made..."

April 2015

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The Cathedral College's past school captain, Lieutenant Gerard Hinchliffe finds that Prince Harry is a “very good bloke”.

Former TCC student’s brush with UK royalty

"Hi thecatswhiskers, Bully reporter Melanie Plane here :) Never fear, The Bully is actually correct in..."

February 2015

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MAYOR Margaret Strelow wants the regional council in the race to develop a synthetic athletics track in Rockhampton.

Council urged to set pace for Rockhampton synthetic track

"Hi Ozgeek, just clarifying, this story is about a synthetic athletics track for humans to run on not..."

December 2014

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THEY’VE been labelled as game-changers, and they’ve already attracted thousands of people to the riverbank precinct in the past week.

New riverbank eateries flooded with customers in first week

"I went there on the weekend and thought it was wonderful. The Coffee Club and Ribs and Rumps may not be..."

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