Does smacking hurt children? people have many different opinions.
Does smacking hurt children? people have many different opinions. Nat Bromhead

YOUR SAY: 'A smack never did me any harm'

THE residents of the Fraser Coast have responded strongly to a new study that said smacking a child was making them more aggressive and anti-social.

The comments were made in response to a post on the Chronicle's Facebook page.

Jason Miller said he was smacked as a child when he did something wrong.

"It's called discipline and that's something kids don't have these days or any respect," he wrote.

Janet Spann said the findings were "rubbish".

"I'm neither aggressive or anti-social and I had my fair share of smacks as a kid," she wrote.

"Today's society has no respect, there is no discipline and no consequences if you do something wrong."

Narelle Buller also disagreed with the findings in the study, while Shirley Ellingworth said she had been smacked without any ill-effects.

"I was respectful to others and could be taken anywhere, my parents knowing l would behave," Ms Ellingworth said.

"Today a great-grandma, all the above are still part of me.

"Therefore a smack did not damage or hurt me mentally in any way.

"A smack is good, when needed, to remind us of expectations.

"We have a load of unruly young people with no respect for anyone but themselves."

Joy Turnbull said if smacking was used in moderation and at the correct time it did not make tiny people into monsters.

Robin Millis, however, said he did not believe anyone should be smacking their children.

He said there were better ways to discipline children if parents put in the time and effort to bring up the future generations the right way.

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