YOUR SAY ON FACEBOOK: The topic of euthanasia

EUTHANASIA is a touchy subject that's come to light hard and fast in the media these past few years... we shared an image on our Facebook page that shares Andrew Denton's stance on the topic: 

"Why should a competent adult who is dying and suffering and who asks to die quickly be told they have to die slowly instead?"  Andrew Denton 

Here's the responses we received from our readers on the Facebook page:   

Joanne Robinson: I would like the choice.  

Colin Wick: Speaking as an old bloke I'm certain that most would like to have a choice ....."staying alive" is totally different to "living".  

Ann Hannan: I think quality comes before quantity we should all be able to make our own choices.

Michele Bell: I agree with Andrew  

Dianne Smith: Should be our choice.  

Carol McFarlane: It's so not fair  

Roy Chris: Duncan Chris here: Andrew Denton raises a valid point.  

Maureen Heaney: The are much kinder to our pooches.  

Diane Cope: You wouldn't let your Dog suffer, so why should people.  

Bev Read: Im with you Andrew .....we dont let animals suffer& like Colin Wick said ...staying alive IS totally different to living  

Deanne Sue Gordon: We treat our animals more humanly, we should have a choice.

Anne Anderson: In deed why?  

Debbie Kiernan: We should all be able to make our own choices. As adults we have been doing it for quite some time  

Kaz Lavars: I agree I sat with many dying aged people who were in pain and wanted to die.  

Doug Ford: Yes, why???

  Kate Hart: Check out Andrew Denton's speech at the National Press Club. Go gentle Australia  

Karlean Lee: I so wont to have that choice.I do not wont to sit all day with my head drooped down dribbel down my chin just waiting to die,please let me die with dignity.  

Eddy Crouch: Agree totaly it's about time we listen to the wishes of the people who want the choice.  

Margaret Stuart: We should be able to make our own Choice as Staying Alive isn't LIVING @ all. It's persecution etc.

Judy Barrie: Good point of course. But, being the devil's advocate here, define 'competent'.  

Ann Mcgregor: My mum died of lung, liver and oesophageal cancer. She received low doses of morphine and some other drugs but couldn't stop coughing to try to breathe. She begged me to help her die. She was in pain. You wouldn't put an animal through what she endured and I blame her doctor and the hospital. It wasn't the death she wanted and there was no dignity. It's been just over 2 years now since mum died and I will never forget that cough or her final days. Bring in euthanasia NOW.

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