If you're sporting a mullet like these guys, and love yourself a bonds chesty, you could be an Aussie...
If you're sporting a mullet like these guys, and love yourself a bonds chesty, you could be an Aussie...

You know you're an Aussie when...

THIS Australia Day, it would be un-Australian not to reminisce on what makes us so unique.

So here we go...the good, the bad and the bloody ugly.

You know you're an Aussie when...

- Wearing your "good shoes" means pulling on your new thongs, not your favourite worn-to-shreds pluggas.

- Board-shorts and a singlet is totally appropriate attire for most occasions.

- Having a barbie is a weekly occurrence and it's got nothing to do with a child's toy.

- You're sweating the same amount at 8pm as you were at midday.

- Your nickname ends in "o" or "azza". Yeah, we're talking to you Robbo, Davo, Dazza, Shazza and Gazza.

- You can understand Alf Stewart's lingo on Home and Away.

- You watch Home and Away.

- You say Straya instead of Australia.

- You know that "chuck a u-ey" is actually a carefully executed driving manoeuvre.

- As a child you swung from the Hills Hoist, and as a teenager it turned into a "goon of fortune" wheel.

- You go to the hardware store for a snag.

- When singing the Angels song Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again, some other words automatically follow, and it's accepted anywhere you go.

- You've had to use your shirt as a glove in summer because the steering wheel is too hot to hold.

- You own a Bonds chesty... in multiple colours.

- You find tipping a highly uncomfortable experience.

- Vegemite withdrawal is not a myth and you sneak a jar in your suitcase whenever you travel.

- You know someone with a Southern Cross tattoo, and may have one yourself.

- Your former Prime Minister is most famous for sculling a beer at the cricket

- A "ripsnorter night on the lines" is referring to a great night out fishing, not something illegal.

- You think this is a cracker of a giveaway: The ultimate fishing experience - a full-day fishing charter for you and a mate at the stunning Sunshine Coast, accommodation and transport included, worth more than $2500. And it could be yours.

To be in the running, cut out your entry form in every Wednesday and Saturday paper from this Saturday, January 28, to February 15 and attach two tokens, inside the paper every day from this Saturday to Friday, February 17, and send it to the address listed on the entry form.

One winner is guaranteed to win from our region, so enter as many times as you like!

We've also got a whopping $5000 BCF voucher up for grabs for one lucky winner across the ARM footprint. Just head HERE and fill in your details.

Plus, next Saturday (February 4), get a FREE packet of fishing lures with your paper by presenting a token (inside that day's paper) at a participating newsagent. The following Saturday (February 11) it's the same deal, but you'll get a FREE fishing ruler.

Told you it's a cracker!

All entries close on February 17 and winners of the ultimate fishing trip and the BCF voucher will be announced on February 25.

Head HERE for more information.

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