Bachelor in Paradise episode 9 recap

‘You f---ed him on my couch’

ONE Bachelor contestant's drunken hook-up with another Bachelor contestant on the couch of another Bachelor contestant has been cruelly exposed by one of the jilted parties.

Yes, that sentence is confusing. And no, I'm not even sure if it makes sense myself.

On Sunday night, frenemies Elora and Simone get all worked up because they both like that magician Apollo who has washed up on the Fijian coastline as an intruder.

Elora caught a boat to the island specifically to hook up with Apollo, and apparently Simone knew this. But as soon as Apollo arrives, he asks Simone out on a date and she agrees because apparently he has a big magic wand.

When Elora finds out about this, she seethes. And she doesn't shut up about it. She craps on to everyone for so long Keira's frozen daiquiri glass is now empty and it's the first time that has happened all series.


It's at this point rumours start to fly that Simone and Elora aren't the best friends they've made out to be. The boys whisper about a "beef" the two gals had. They say the beef was so huge it involved Elora uttering the phrase "may the best girl win" like some kind of cartoon villain.

Because this show is all about balance and ethics, both parties are allowed to state their version of events.

"[Simone] and I went to [an] event together. We ran into this guy and everyone knew he was my crush from The Bachelor ... What happened is he was flirting with her next to me," Elora explains.

Simone's version is a little more brutal.

"This guy that we previously liked didn't like her but he liked me. And she didn't like it. And I feel like it's a repeat again with Apollo," Simone snips, glazed in sweat from the island humidity.

The hand gestures don’t make this scenario easier to understand.
The hand gestures don’t make this scenario easier to understand.

With her blood boiling, Elora pulls Simone away from the tiki bar and drags her around near the barbecue area. She's furious at Simone for telling everyone she even cared about this other guy. It quickly spirals into an argument about who's being more condescending.

"I realise Simone is playing games here and she's not being honest," Elora tells us. "Simone's trying to make me look bad to Apollo by spreading the word that I am jealous of her because she got the guy on the outside. It's not right.

"It's easy for Simone to say it was a guy problem because saying the truth is not going to make her look good."

Suddenly, this rumoured beef just got more interesting. Back in the garden, Elora decides it's time to teach Simone a lesson by dropping the salacious details in front of the cameras.

"If I had a problem with you f---ing Courtney on my couch, I would've stopped it right away," she blurts.

And in this moment, it's exposed. The former Bachelor contestant Simone hooked up with on Elora's couch was Courtney - from Georgia's season.

The accused couch banger.
The accused couch banger.

Simone's eyes widen and the colour drains from her face. It's happened again. Her personal life has been outed on national television by someone else. This is all too similar to when Leah told everyone Simone was a topless waitress on Matty J's series of The Bachelor.

"What are you doing?" Simone yells at Elora. "Is that what you're doing? That's bad. That's really bad."

In another sweaty piece-to-camera, she unravels.

"Now she's bringing up who I've been with in the past on TV?" she says with a very scrunched face. "I feel like she's dragging stuff that I've done in my personal life into Paradise. And naming names? It shouldn't even be brought up. I can't do it anymore."

It's a low blow from Elora and her attempt to shame Simone for having a bang on her couch doesn't feel nice. But maybe it's not about the boy. Maybe she's just extremely insulted that these two reality TV randoms had drunk sweaty sex on her beautiful Freedom couch. They didn't even have the courtesy to lay down an old towel to protect the faux suede.

If this is Elora's motivation, then I do completely understand. has contacted Elora's couch for comment.


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