Taraji Journey - Therese Ahern
Taraji Journey - Therese Ahern

Yoga retreat makes a holiday

"MY mother is the only person I know who has to come down from a handstand when I ask her to go shopping with me."

Therese Ahern, a 63-year-old mother of three and grandmother of six and half (there's one on the way) and tour leader, laughs as she repeats the words of her daughter.

Laugh or not - it's true.

Therese, a passionate lover of life began her headstands and spiritual practice after leaving a successful and multi-coloured career path 12 years ago.

Now she wants to share all she has learned so others can enjoy the benefits.

She said her yoga makes her feel like a child again and certainly her vigour, humour and natural vivaciousness contain an ageless quality. Besides giving lessons, she conducts retreat/holidays to various places on the planet.

The retreats have a yoga foundation, but with a host of qualified teachers they also offer guidance in health, lifestyle, and holistic wellbeing.

"There are very gentle yoga classes for beginners," Therese said. The master meditator and travel leader said the tour encompassed her idea of a combined retreat/holiday. "Sometimes going on holiday doesn't leave us really refreshed.

"Perhaps we have too much fun or we have to prioritise somebody else's needs, or because we haven't found a way to effectively unwind." She said even with the best of intentions we could be waylaid.

"We have all heard of work/life balance, we make goals and plans but somehow we may feel as though we are drowning under the weight of incessant stresses.

"We even sense an erosion of our self-esteem due to self promises again not being fulfilled." So how can we make the most of our time out? The former businesswoman (who also knows about tarot cards and numerology) said the yoga holiday/retreat is the antidote.

"An effective yoga holiday/retreat will help you re-access your truly wonderful powerful self.

The ancient yogis knew how to fold time and space and miraculously this is possible for even modern day practitioners. "Many of us have experienced major breakthroughs and greater peacefulness from exercise, movement, yoga class, relaxation and meditation, however we struggle with achieving lasting benefits and beneficial habits."

Therese has a life story that resonates with many of this generation. She has successfully played the role of spouse, mother, masters student, high-achieving business woman.

Therese was living a big life; it was joyful, rewarding and satisfying, but extremely stressful. To conquer the stress, she had regularly dipped into the pool of spiritual waters to seek answers. But, without a commitment to reduce stress, life became increasingly busy and complicated.

At that point she decided to rejuvenate her body and mind and began to attend Buddhist retreats "And for the last five years, I have gone on yoga holidays," she said. Her combined experience has led her to start Taraji journeys. "Journeys give you the opportunity to truly connect with other like-minded people and make friendships for life," she said.

"You will find even if you arrive alone you will definitely not leave alone unless that is your choice." Therese is leading a trip to Rishikesh, in northern India, in March this year.

The trip encompasses the sum of all her experience, and if you would like to be part of it; find out more at taraji.com.au.

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