Joel McHale, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in a scene from The X-Files.
Joel McHale, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in a scene from The X-Files. Ed Araquel

The X-Files is back on our screens, what do viewers think?

FANS of The X-Files finally got to see the first episode of the sci-fi show's long-awaited return tonight.

The series, starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, was last on our screens 13 years ago.

Duchovny, Anderson and creator Chris Carter have all returned for this new six-part series.

So are fans satisfied or disappointed with the latest installment?

Channel 10 has already copped flack on social media for waiting to launch the series six days after its US premiere, but it seems some fans were happy to wait.



The main complaint on Twitter was about the number of ads about Shane Warne going on I'm A Celebrity, rather than about the show itself.

The first episode started with a handy recap, narrated by Duchovny, to refresh memories or welcome the uninitiated.

"Are we truly alone or are we being lied to?" he asked before the familiar theme music chimed in.

Then it was pretty much straight into the action after a brief reunion between Scully, now back in her medical work, and an unshaven Mulder.

I would have liked a bit more fuss over Mulder and Scully's reunion. The first episode seemed to be in a rush to set the stage for the show's return in the post-9/11 world.

There was a lot crammed in as Mulder revised his theory on the government's cover-up of the existence of aliens.

It was very big-picture stuff.

If tonight's first episode didn't grab you, then hang in there because it gets better in episode two, airing tomorrow at 9pm.

The show settles into the procedural rhythm of the original, with Mulder and Scully investigating individual cases.

Episode two also reveals more about the fate of Mulder and Scully's son William.

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