Toowomba mums Kylie Samuels (left) and Katie Harvey of Toowoomba Ghost Chasers.
Toowomba mums Kylie Samuels (left) and Katie Harvey of Toowoomba Ghost Chasers. Kevin Farmer

Magazine reporter encounters paranormal in Toowoomba

AFTER spending two days in Toowoomba, a Woman's Day reporter is now a believer of the paranormal.

After coming across the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers' Facebook page, news and features writer Amelia Saw knew she had to see some of the hauntings for herself.

Ms Saw and photographer David Hahn spent a couple of days chatting with Toowoomba residents and the pair uncovered several tales of hauntings.

Ms Saw said she spoke to people from all walks of life about their thoughts on Toowoomba being haunted.

"I went up for a couple of days to investigate a few claims that had come up on the Facebook page, there was some stuff on there that was quite amazing," she said.

"I thought it might be a struggle to find people to talk to me about hauntings but they just came out of the woodwork."

 Woman's Day news and features writer Amelia Saw
Woman's Day news and features writer Amelia Saw

She said her first scary encounter involved one of the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers, Kylie Samuels. 

"Kylie lives in this house that used to be rented by an undertaker and every time she tries to put a crucifix on the wall it flicks off. This happens time and time again, there has been no wind or no other explanation," she said.

Ms Saw and Mr Hahn also visited the Royal Bulls Head Inn with a local mother and daughter.

"Legend has it that two drovers in the upstairs sitting room were accidentally poisoned and since that happened people have reported weird sickness settling in once they are in that room," she said.

"We took a mother and daughter and stood in the room where the supposed symptoms happen and within a couple of minutes the daughter's breathing became laboured, she looked very uncomfortable and unsettled.

"Eventually these things start to spook you out a bit."

The scariest thing to happen to Ms Saw was when she was in her own motel room.

She was lying in bed at 11am when she heard shuffling coming from the bathroom. She knew no one could be inside but was too terrified to check.

The shower then turned on and that is when Ms Saw became petrified.

"I couldn't even get up to check what had happened. I just lay there petrified and then the shower turned off," she said.

"What was even spookier was that when I got up in the morning and walked into the bathroom I stepped on the floor and it was all wet. I skidded quite dramatically and remember having the thought that someone was trying to kill me.

"I wasn't a complete sceptic before but I certainly wasn't a complete believer either but it is hard to deny what you are seeing so yeah I am a believer now."

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