CUTE AND COLOURFUL: Why not grow some new geraniums for yourself.
CUTE AND COLOURFUL: Why not grow some new geraniums for yourself. CONTRIBUTED

Winter wonders in bloom

ISN'T this a very pleasant time of year to be pottering or doing some real work in our gardens.

Our lovely warm days and cool nights are ideal for getting some of those colourful plants going that make a good display at this time of year.

And it's wonderful how easy it is to take cuttings from some of your mature plants to "make babies", and be able to share them with friends and neighbours.

At present we have several flowering geraniums that are cuttings of others we've grown over the years, and you never quite know what colours will emerge from your new plants. It makes a nice waiting game.


This Zygocactus is full of blooms now.
This Zygocactus is full of blooms now. CONTRIBUTED

I'm enjoying the pictured one, and we're currently planning where to plant a couple out in the garden where they'll make a great display all-year round.

Another easy-to-grow and share plant is the Zygocactus (Schlumbergera truncata), also known as crab cactus, that is usually found in garden centres around Christmas, but actually flowers naturally around now and through winter, providing some lovely colours.

There are some lovely specimens tempting us to buy more in the nurseries at the moment.

An easy way to create new plants is to cut stems at the joint containing at least two to three segments, let them to dry out for several days, then insert about three of these into good potting mix, allowing the cuttings to hang over the side of the pot where they'll root quickly.

They make excellent basket features, adding colour to the patio, veranda and even indoors.

Just avoid having them in full-sun situations for long periods.

Planting gel

WHETHER you're planting or transplanting in your garden, Seasol Planting Gel is an excellent way to get plants growing.

This gel is a blend of semi-hydrated water crystals that are boosted with Seasol and essential nutrients, so it stores water and nutrients at the root zone where the plants need it most.

The gel absorbs, retains and delivers water for up to five years, which promotes good root development and plant performance.

SPG can go directly into the planting hole and mixed into the backfill surrounding the root ball, or it can be mixed through the potting mix in pots or baskets at planting time.

This great product promotes strong healthy growth in all plants including natives, stimulates strong root growth and beneficial soil microbes, and helps increase plant tolerance to stresses such as heat, drought and frost as well as helping reduce damage from insect and fungal attack.

At planting time, water it in well with Seasol, and apply it a week later, then every fortnight throughout the year.

The application rate is 30ml of Seasol concentrate per nine litres of water.

Open garden

GOOD news, everyone: Terry and Glen Sheahan, of "Jatlen Park" at 72 Winston Road South, Palmwoods, are opening their garden to the public as a fundraiser for Give Me 5 for Kids on Saturday, June 18, with entry just $5 per person.

This is a wonderful opportunity for us all to view their 2ha property of garden beds and lawns.

You'll find many camellias in flower, a wishing well, and several other special areas such as the Secret Garden, Tuscany Garden, B&B and orchard, and the Asian Garden - that should give us plenty to enjoy.

There'll be a display included from Noosa Classic Car Club, refreshments and camellias, geraniums and cottage plants for sale as well.

Parking is easy as they have plenty of space for everyone.

See you there.

Yandina Community Garden

THERE will be a worthwhile guided garden tour at Yandina Community Gareden (corner of North and Farrell Sts) at 9.30am today.

So, if you'd like to be inspired about what and how to grow in the sub-tropics, go for a garden tour to see permaculture principles and design ideas in action.

The tour will take about 90 minutes, you'll need a hat and don't forget your water bottle.

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