Royal brood: Aussie monarchs snap attention on big day

YOU may have thought the biggest royal baby news occurred halfway across the world in London.

You would be wrong. It happened in Darwin.

The Crocosaurus Cove officially marked the arrival of the "royal" hatchlings after unveiling the snapping brood of their own monarchs, Will and Kate.

William, a five-metre, 690kg, male saltwater crocodile, and his partner, a three-metre female, were renamed after the royal couple in 2011 to "mark the royal wedding".

The "loved up" couple, which began breeding in 1991, timed their latest offspring to perfection, coinciding with their much warmer bloodied namesakes.

And while the hatchlings might not be as innocent as royal baby No.3, they certainly caught our attention with their little snapping mouths and big watching eyes.