A former Australia Post postie has revealed why your parcels aren’t delivered. Picture: Angelo Velardo/AAP
A former Australia Post postie has revealed why your parcels aren’t delivered. Picture: Angelo Velardo/AAP

Why your parcels are never delivered

It is a growing concern among Australians that posties are not actually delivering parcels, instead just leaving collection cards.

In fact complaints to Australia Post have sparked two different Facebook groups with thousands of followers each.

In it users complain about their issues with the service and the number one is parcel delivery.

One recently took to the page Australia Post Complaints to say that she had waited all day for a delivery but no one came.

"Lazy b****rd didn't knock or ring door bell. Just threw collection card in letterbox, poster reckons he knocked but there's a big sign on front door saying ring doorbell," she said.

Another user also said that the postie didn't even try to contact her, instead forcing her to go to her local Post Office.

"Thanks Australia Post, I just had someone deliver a parcel and because I had vac and washing machine going I didn't hear the knock. You could clearly see my car was right there and the TV going among all the other noise, but you chose to leave a collection card instead of leaving it at my door," she said.

Now a former contractor at Australia Post has dished the dirt on why posties leave a collection card, and it's not because they are lazy.

A former delivery driver has alleged leaving a collection card is encouraged by the service.
A former delivery driver has alleged leaving a collection card is encouraged by the service.

The former delivery driver told Yahoo News that he was paid just $1.50 per package and was encouraged by Australia Post to knock once and leave a card.

"You are told to knock once, and immediately after, start writing the card or place the parcel under the mat and take a picture. This is to save time," the contractor said.

The former delivery driver said it was quicker to not see anyone especially as they were paid per parcel and only had a few hours to deliver an average of 70 parcels a day.

"Each contractor gets on average 70 parcels to deliver per day, and must be completed by about 3.30pm to 4pm to be able to get the carded parcels to the post office in time," he said.

"This is why they don't wait or knock more than once. They don't have time."

Australia Post has refuted that it asks delivery drivers to only knock once and said standard practice to knock three times.

"Our agreements with our delivery contractors require them to follow our delivery policies and procedures, which includes attempting delivery by knocking at the door three times and calling out, where it's possible and safe to do so before leaving a card or safe-dropping a parcel," a spokesperson said.

In regards to the contractors' pay per parcel Australia Post said it was engaged at all levels of the business to ensure employees are engaged on reasonable terms and paid fairly.

"We cost our delivery contracts to ensure that any personnel engaged under the agreed terms is paid in line with the relevant modern award and undertake a range of compliance activities to check our contractors are meeting their obligations and complying with workplace laws," they said.

Customers with issues were encouraged to contact 13 POST to allow Australia Post to investigate.

But if the Facebook groups are anything to go by, people often don't get far with that method.

"When AP say they are investigating a missing parcel (with tracking) do they do anything. Been a month now," said one Facebook user.

He was not alone as the post received over a dozen comments of other people with the same issue.

As much as people can criticise the service though, Australia Post was involved last month with filling its trucks with crucial livestock supplies and fencing products to deliver to regional Australian areas devastated by the bushfires.


"Australia Post donated 10 trucks for the hay run for Lions club Need for Feed project, sending hay from Invergorden in...

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