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LOCAL BUSINESS: Talk to local electricity supplier LPE about your supply needs.
LOCAL BUSINESS: Talk to local electricity supplier LPE about your supply needs.

Why the right electricity choice might be a local supplier

HOW often do you think about your electricity supplier?

Electricity is a necessity for modern life and the market is saturated with confusing discounts and pay-on-time rates which has left people understandably apathetic towards utility providers.

Would changing your electricity supplier effect the way you received electricity?

The answer is no. Electricity is like water, you turn it on and it's there.

Most people stay with their current supplier because they recognise the brand and do not want the hassle of changing supplier, not because they are getting good service or even a good price.

It's time to re-introduce good, local service with competitive pricing from a Queensland company with a Queensland call centre.

South-east Queensland residents can now make a savvy choice by talking to local electricity supplier LPE.

The company's office and call centre is in southeast Queensland, the staff are locals and money spent with LPE goes back into the community.

Changing to LPE is easy, LPE marketing manager Emily Gouge said.

"If you call us you will get through to our small, local team and more than likely speak to the same person more than once."

LPE even have people coming to visit them in their head office in Maroochydore just for the novelty of speaking with a provider face-to-face.

"The current incumbents are multi- nationals with overseas call centres, we know that people appreciate good service from local people," Emily said.

Do you know what electricity rate you are paying?

"It's unlikely that after reading your bill you have found the answer. So, how can you compare rates?" Emily said.

"We can explain your bill. We can explain what deal you are currently getting and what we can give you. If we can't help you, we will point you in the right direction and if you are interested in solar, we can even tell you the right people to go to."

When talking to customers, the LPE team will help with looking at the value of what is being offered in an electricity contract.

"A lot of people look at discounts, but don't know what that discount applies to," Emily said.

"Our staff want to talk to seniors about their electricity supply choices."

Seniors who are thinking about downsizing to a smaller living space like a unit or townhouse and want good advice on this key expense can also talk to the team at LPE, who are experts in strata community electricity.

"If you live in south-east Queensland you should be speaking to us about your electricity."

For more information on LPE, go

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