Why it is important to preserve precious memories

LIFE is like the waves on the beach, it is a never ending cycle. Like a single wave reach in the shore it comes but once and never again. If we could take one moment in time like a snapshot it will happen once and that once only.

When someone asks you,  " Do you remember …" be it a moment at a party, wedding, birthday, holiday or a smile on someone's face. That event has gone but the memories can last forever.  

Memories are important parts of our lives. Some people keep memories in their heart while most hold on to them by collecting objects, material things like photographs, video tapes, letters and documents.

Most events in our lives will happen, pass and be forgotten, but can easily be recalled if we will look at one single photograph which takes us back to that "moment in time".

This is where the real value of photography lies  in its various format, be it a single photograph to a high quality video. It brings that moment in time to life in our minds.

Unfortunately photographs and video tapes will not last forever. They will deteriorate overtime. Exposure to bright light, poor storage and handling, exposure to chemicals, humidity and many other ways like fire, floods or other disaster can shorten its life span.

Video tapes that are not fully rewound when stored will cause damage on the tape. It is very important to view and rewind the tape annually in order to find any damage before the tape fails to play.  

Dirt, scratches and fungus are the most frequent problems. Humidity can encourage the growth of various biological agents that can destroy the tape. Every time a video tape is played it loses quality.

Photographs are used to capture family memories but they fade overtime. Black and white photographic prints which are processed traditionally in the darkroom may last longer.

 Colour photographs are susceptible to colour change and fading due to various dyes used to create the colour. The number of chemicals involve in the process in producing a photograph greatly contribute to eventual deterioration.

Now technology is at our finger tips, the knowledge and skills to apply that technology allow us to restore and preserve those memories to share with family, friends and for future generations to enjoy.

With photo restoration it is possible to reconstruct missing parts of the photograph. Remove tares, stains, change colour and background. Add or remove certain area of an image, features or request.

This was done to great effect in the case where an elderly lady has a precious family photograph which was taken just months before she was born. It was the only photograph of the complete family taken prior to her father's death. She also had a second photograph of herself as a very young girl.

She wished to be included in the family photograph. The technology of photo restoration allowed her image to be placed in the photograph standing between her parents and siblings.

Memories give us the ability to connect to each other by sharing pieces of our lives. Converting video/cassette tapes to DVD/CD will allow you to view and listen to them at just a press of a button.

Photos, negatives, slides including glass can be scanned to CD or USB for easy share and storage. Accidentally deleted images from digital cards can often be retrieved and saved to other media. May we suggest that you arrange to have your history preserved before it is too late.

All of these services are available by contacting Vis on 0411 552 292 or Jo on 0474 741 504. You may also visit our website www.memoryarchivers.com

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