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HEALTH LINK: The quality of the air you breathe could be contributing to poor sleep. 
HEALTH LINK: The quality of the air you breathe could be contributing to poor sleep. (PHOTO: GPOINTSTUDIO) GPOINTSTUDIO

Why air could be keeping you from quality sleep

SLEEP quality can be directly linked to the type of air we breathe, according to Director of Elanra Medical Debbie Black.

She says too many seniors put up with poor sleep and rest without knowing the cause, or fixing it.

We caught up with her to find out just what the link was between air and sleep and how to improve it.

Q. What links does air quality have to sleep quality?

A. Air quality affects your breathing. Problems with your breathing affects your sleep. A study conducted at Harvard School of Public Health found air pollution significantly increases the risk of a group of disorders known as Sleep-Disordered Breathing.

The worst being sleep apnea, but ranging from asthma to allergies and more.

The 'Sleep Heart Health Study' in the U.S. studied 6,000 people between 1995-1998; 3,000 of those people were studied for air pollution across 7 cities in the U.S.

They found that an increase in air pollution within the bedroom increased the risk of sleep-disordered breathing, low blood oxygen levels and reduced quality of sleep.

They also found that the risk of stopping breathing for at least 10 seconds increased by 13% in summer when pollution levels increased.

Q. Is there a link between air quality and the development of breathing disorders like sleep apnea, asthma etc?

A. There is an undeniable link between air quality and breathing disorders, not 100% as some people may have physical obstructions to better breathing, but it certainly would be close.

Scientists have already proven Cardiovascular disease is influenced by lack of sleep from increased pollutants.

Q. What is actually causing the harm to us within the air?

A. It's a combination of the pollutants in our homes and the electrical charges of those pollutants.

The changing weather patterns play havoc with human beings as they alter the electricity in the air.

Our body is made up of water and electrical frequencies. Dehydrate yourself and you will notice many bodily functions cease to function correctly. Put yourself in a positively ionised space and the air you breathe is bad if there are too much positive ions, you will then suffer, your body cannot function correctly in that atmosphere.

On the other hand, put your body into a negatively ionised atmosphere and then your body can restore. Not just you but nimals and plants too.

Dr Rohan of the International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health in Queensland further explained in an interview:

'Particles like pollen get trapped into the upper respiratory tract. Smaller particles like small negative ions of oxygen (Elanra call special oxygen) penetrate deeper into the alveoli region of the lungs. 50% are retained there to assist breathing. Because they hold an electrical charge the deposition rate is enhanced by a further 10-20%! Studies continue to show this special oxygen also gets into the  bloodstream.'

This creates improved health and well-being.

Q. How can you tell if the air in your bedroom is safe or not?

A. You can use a metre to test the rooms content of positive or negative ions. These metres cost in the vicinity of $600-700. But the best way to tell is to notice how you feel.

Do you feel better or worse after a nights sleep in your bedroom? Are you sleeping well? Are you breathing freely? Have you seen your doctor to rule out any physical ailment that many be causing these difficulties?

Q. What should people do if they think they could improve the quality of the air in their home/bedroom?

A. Use an air cleaner for large rooms and use an Elanra device next to you as you sleep within 1-2 meters. The air cleaner will do its job in the room. The Elanra will do its job on your body as you sleep.

Increased concentration of positive ions in the air increases blood serotonin levels, whereas negative air ionisation neutralises the effect of positive air ionisation and reduces blood serotonin levels to normal levels.

This is one of the reasons Elanra Medical states the Elanra device rebalances the body and helps it heal itself.

Elanra does not produce harmful Ozone and requires no chemicals nor filters. It's easy to use. Simply turn it on when you go to bed, and turn it off in the morning.

* Note: Results will differ between individuals. If symptoms persist see your doctor.


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