The Shark Tank panel go to war once more.
The Shark Tank panel go to war once more. Channel 10

What’s behind the biggest Shark Tank fights

WHILE the business leaders on the panel of Ten's Shark Tank are there to hear out the hopeful entrepreneurs who front up to pitch deals to them each episode, it sometimes seems like they're more focused on squabbling with each other.

This has been a particularly lively season of the business-themed reality show, with the five panellists labelling each other everything from "bottom feeders" to "children" - all while nervous pitchers look on.

"We actually know each other so well, and like siblings we know how to push each other's buttons," says Boost juice founder Janine Allis during a segment in tonight's season finale that looks at some of the panellists' fieriest altercations.

"You have five really powerful people who are used to getting their own way. You have to actually stand up for yourself - if not, you just get lost."

Entrepreneur and investor Steve Baxter, perhaps the panel's most outspoken member, says there's one sure-fire way for his colleagues to make him see red.

"One thing that really annoys me is if I see a shark doing a really low-end deal," he says.

The others look at on-screen feuds as a part of the job: "Shark fights just happen," shrugs RedBalloon founder Naomi Simson.

Veterinary entrepreneur Dr. Glen Richards admits he revels in the drama.

"I love a good shark fight and I LOVE to rattle the others," he says.

Shark Tank's season finale screens at 9pm tonight on Channel 10.

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