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What you can expect to see Samsung launch in 2018

SAMSUNG'S 2018 strategy can be summed up in three letters, IoT.

For the non-tech-lingual, IoT stands for Internet of Things, or smart products, and while it's nothing new to the market, the level of integration into our everyday lives is this year getting turned up another notch.

With a core mission of making everyday lives easier, Samsung announced its big focus points for 2018 at its Southeast Asia and Oceania Forum in Rome this week.

TV Experience

Gamers and movie buffs are spoilt for choice with two new soundbars hitting shelves this year.

In the premium range, the wall-mounted NW700 Sound+ is the sleekest product to hit the market.

Designed to be mounted beneath a super thin television, the silver speaker is all about looking as good as it sounds.

The NW700 Sound+, which surpasses the award-winning MS650 Sound+, incorporates sound-enhancing features like distortion-cancelling, wide-range tweeters and multi-speaker control making it one of the brand's best additions to its speaker range.

Samsung's latest wall-mounted soundbar, the NW700 Sound+.
Samsung's latest wall-mounted soundbar, the NW700 Sound+. Georja Ryan

Also unveiled was Samsung's newest mid-range soundbar, the N650 which features the patented 'Samsung Acoustic Beam' technology to deliver a panoramic sound experience.

A downfall for many soundbars is that to get the full effect you need to sit directly in front of it, but head of Samsung's audio lab in California Allan Devantier said these two products were revolutionary in the way that no matter where you were sitting in the loungeroom, you could have the full sound experience.

Samsung also revealed its SmartThings app will become available on televisions in 2018 meaning people can control all their connected devices from the biggest screen in the house.

Head of Samsung audio Lab in California Allan Devantier with the new mid-range soundbar the N650.
Head of Samsung audio Lab in California Allan Devantier with the new mid-range soundbar the N650. Georja Ryan



Home Appliances

Samsung blew our minds with the Family Hub refrigerator when it first launched and while 2018 brings no major redesign, it does have a few key upgrades on the menu.

The next-generation Family Hub is more intuitive than ever with the addition of voice recognition which can allow its voice-assistant Bixby to tailor responses to the individual user.

It comes with better support for its SmartThings app so you can control all devices from its two-foot touch screen and has advanced its three-tier focus of food management, family communication and fun.

Head of home appliances for Samsung Electronics Australia Jeremy Senior said in an effort to combat the growing issue of food wastage, the Family Hub's food management features would help families save money and the environment.

"Australians are passionate about food, so we're introducing Meal Planner, which will provide convenient family recipes based on food preferences, dietary restrictions and food expirations dates, making food management easier than ever," he said.

Samsung also introduced its new washing machine technology QuickDrive which promises to cut washing time in half.

The smarter, IoT-enabled washer WW7800M boasts an AI-powered laundry assistant called Q-rator which has a Laundry Planner to enable users to dictate the laundry finishing time, Laundry Recipe to give recommendations on the wash cycle best for your load, and HomeCare Wizard which alerts users to any potential problems with the machine and provides quick troubleshooting support.

"Coupled with our intelligent laundry assistant Q-rator and Samsung's unique AddWash door this is a game-changer in laundry appliances, delivering innovation that saves Australian households time," Mr Senior said.

"Our unique QuickDrive technology delivers a powerful clean, without compromising on quality. The main drum moves clothes from top to bottom, whilst the independently rotating back plate introduces a back and forth movement. This creates a dynamic action that quickly, gently and thoroughly remove dirt to deliver a complete wash in less time."

QuickDrive will be available to Australians at the end of March with price and availability details to be announced closer to launch.

Saumsung's new POWERstick PRO will hit shelves in Australia in 2018.
Saumsung's new POWERstick PRO will hit shelves in Australia in 2018. Georja Ryan

And with a product to rival the Dyson stick vacuum, Samsung will this year launch its new POWERstick PRO in March-April.

With 40 minutes of battery life, an additional five tools and a digital inverter motor said to 'spin faster than a tornado', it's sure to give the Dyson equivalent a run for its money.

News Corp Journalist Georja Ryan travelled to the forum as a guest of Samsung.

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