Marlene Snoodyk.
Marlene Snoodyk. Mike Richards GLA021216STROKE

'Gone through hell': Wife's fear stress will kill her

GLADSTONE'S Marlene Snoodyk is scared she will die from stress before her gravely ill husband does.

Her husband Lee suffered a series of strokes nine months ago and his future care and accommodation is now uncertain. Mrs Snoodyk is not only worried about his immediate future but what would happened to him and her family if she were to go before him.

Mrs Snoodyk would like her husband to be at home but she is unable to care for him, as he also sufferers from dementia, and now doesn't know where he is going to live.

He has bounced between Gladstone Hospital and a Bundaberg Nursing Home and is now back in hospital.

"At the moment I'm wondering who's going to die first, him or me," Mrs Snoodyk said.

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Leo 'Lee' Snoodyk, 69, suffered a series of unnoticed minor strokes, followed by a severe stroke landing him in hospital earlier this year.

A discharge summary medical report, shown to The Observer by Mrs Snoodyk, said Mr Snoodyk was admitted to Gladstone Hospital under the psychiatry team and was thought to be a low-risk patient.

The report said that just a few days after his first assessment, Mr Snoodyk became aggressive towards nursing staff. On November 20, it was reported that a physical alteration occurred between security and the Mr Snoodyk.

Mrs Snoodyk said restraints were applied and the medical report said Mr Snoodyk became verbally aggressive, assaulted a nurse and was at risk of falls due to over medication.

"The stroke unfortunately brought on a lot of other things...aggression," Mrs Snoodyk said.

"They said they found Lee to be an unsafe person, but if it wasn't safe for him to be in the home then he's definitely not safe to come home to me."

Marlene Snoodyk.
Marlene Snoodyk. Mike Richards GLA021216STROKE

A former nurse, Mrs Snoodyk said she has experienced first-hand the aggression of patients and is now reliving it again.

"Delirium, hallucinations, aggression was brought on by the stroke," she said.

"Before his stroke, this man was the fittest man, physically and mentally, that you could ever meet in your life."

Mrs Snoodyk said her husband was discharged from Gladstone Hospital and taken to Bundaberg Aged Care Residence Tricare where he only stayed one night before being sent away after being deemed unsafe.

"Going through all the trauma of taking him all the way down to Bundaberg, to know I'm locking him up for the rest of his life and coming home without him...then I have to go through it all again," she said.

Mrs Snoodyk said her husband had never been a violent man, always putting her "number one in his life".

A former engineer, Mr Snoodyk was wearing a cowboy hat the day they met and years later they were married in a horse drawn cart and had three children.

Marlene Snoodyk with a photo of her husband Leo.
Marlene Snoodyk with a photo of her husband Leo. Mike Richards GLA021216STROKE

The couple have a daughter and son, two grandchildren and one great grandchild.

"We've gone through hell...there's got to be some way of helping my husband," she said.

"He says he wants to die.

"I'm not going to let him down. I adore him and I'm going to fight.

"He's not my husband, my husband has gone."

Mr Snoodyk is currently at Gladstone Hospital but Mrs Snoodyk is unsure how long he stay here and where he could go once discharged.

Gladstone Hospital were unable to comment on the situation while Bundaberg Aged Care Residence Tricare were unavailable to comment.

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