You can increase the font size on your iPhone or iPad and customise the text for many apps like Mail, Messages, Notes and Contacts to make it easier to read.
You can increase the font size on your iPhone or iPad and customise the text for many apps like Mail, Messages, Notes and Contacts to make it easier to read. monkeybusinessimages

We've come a long way from the dinosaur days

"There seems to be an age," a young colleague explained to another within my (not very far) hearing distance - "that older people just don't get tech stuff."

I may be in that age group, because my adult children respond to my tech questions with three particular answer styles that go something like this: 'Check it out on U Tube', 'Google for a simple way to do it and just practise,' - or else, there is a certain look, followed by silence and a few mumbled words about being late for something as they flee my circle of influence.

Basically, they are giving me the flick: But the same as everyone else in this day and age, I have computer questions that need to be answered. I want these questions to be answered because personal experience has shown me that certain computer 'apps' can make my life extremely easier and secondly, pride - that quality that comes before a fall - doesn't want me to be left behind all on my own in a past era.

So here, we go: The things I do with my computer and the things I want to do with my computer - info, questions and answers - that may support you in your own quest for tech control.

THIS morning, I set the alarm on my mobile phone because I wanted to wake up extra early. I then checked my emails and googled a bus timetable. I closed those that up, went back to homepage and pressed on my Spotify app and selected some music (Paul Kelly) to kick off the day. (Contrary to what seems the norm these days, I didn't don a headset to listen to music as I walked to the bus stop. But I did stop and snap a pic of a lovely flower, load into insta (Instagram) and posted and shared with friends.

Breaking it down: Here are the apps (applications) I used this morning with a comparison to pre-computer days, together with a comparison of then and now.

Clock Alarms wake-up calls:

THEN: We used to make a call on the landline phone (our phone was a fancy olive green colour) to a special number to book the time and date of a wakeup call. After doing this and putting the phone down, there would be a call back checking you had booked the time call. (Guess that was meant to pluck out the prank calls).

NOW: On the front page of my iphone I have a picture of a black and white clock, with the word Clock, underneath it. I push that clock and it opens up to a screen with a strip of categories at the bottom: - World Clock, Alarm, Bedtime, Stopwatch, Timer. I push Alarm, another screen pops up, I hit the + sign, another screen pops up enabling me to choose my alarm time, then I press Save. DONE.



THEN: Once to get answers to questions you would head to a print edition of an encyclopaedia, dictionary, thesaurus, manual. if you didn't have these books at hand, you would have to go to the library (which could be a long way away). On the other hand, you might have to make a personal visit to a professional in the area and ask for their expertise.

NOW: Google once a noun, has turned into a verb. If you want an answer to a question - any question - on any subject, google it. Yes, do the google. Doesn't matter the language - you can turn on translations. If you would like to see, rather than read, find the video on how to do your make-up, fix your car, clean the pool on Utube. And if you don't know about Utube - google it 12


THEN: Closest thing to equate to emails was paper, pen, envelopes, stamps post boxes in your front yard or at the post office, and/or a personal phone call from either a landline or pay telephone in a big red box. Depending on the distance, the communication could take days, weeks to get to you and replied to.

NOW: On the front page of my iphone, I have a square white button with a red M on it. Press the button and you are into your emails. It's as fast as you are, if you want to reply right away, the recipient will receive your response right away. Be careful though, a swift answer, is non-retrievable.  

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