Stand up paddling is a great exercise for the family to do together.
Stand up paddling is a great exercise for the family to do together. EpicStockMedia

Weekend Wellness: Team up to make it work out

ACCORDING to statistics, you are 94% more likely to stick to your workout when you make a date or appointment to train with someone else.

The Department of Kinesiology at Indiana University surveyed couples who joined health clubs together and found that those who worked out separately had a 43% dropout rate over the course of a year. Those who went to the gym together, regardless of whether they focused on the same type of exercise, had only a 6.3% dropout rate. So there is definitely strength in numbers.

Whether you have a partner in your life, a best friend or you work long hours and there's a chance to train at lunch time with a colleague, then there is a lot be said for heading off to a workout with a buddy.

Training with others is engaging, motivating and can add extra functional elements when it comes to resistance and yoga workouts. Book a session in with a friend and double the fun and the likelihood that you will stick to your fitness plans.

Here are five exercises you can do with your workout buddy in the park or even in the gym. All you need is a swiss ball and a partner in crime:

1. Hook squat

2. Lower ab resistance

3. Swiss ball squat

4. Swiss ball crunch

5. Front facing squat.

Want more buddy workout ideas? Why not try:

1. Mountain biking or head out for a road bike together

2. Go stand up paddle boarding

3. Learn to surf

4. Weekend hike or run then coffee or juice

5. Head to a CrossFit or boot camp class together

6. Go rock climbing

7. Take your pooch for a walk.

Remember, it does not matter what your current fitness level or skill level is.

Working out should be fun, engaging and get you moving no matter where you are.

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