Social Services Minister Scott Morrison
Social Services Minister Scott Morrison

WATERCOOLER: Should youth be forced to wait for dole?

WHEN the Federal Government announced plans for a six month wait for young people to access unemployment benefits it sparked a valid outcry.

How can we force young people to find a job when there are not enough out there was a common response.

But there are also those who rightly believe that in this country we have allowed people who don't want to work to live quite happily at taxpayers' expense.

So the Abbott government came up with a compromise of a one month delay.

But even that was blocked in the Senate last night, voted down 30 to 35.

Independent senators Nick Xenophon, Jacqui Lambie and Glenn Lazarus, along with Palmer United's Dio Wang and the Motoring Enthusiast Party's Ricky Muir, voted with Labor and the Greens to defeat the bill.

The government said the measure would have saved the budget $173.3 million over the next four years.

But as Social Services Minister Scott Morrison explained on ABC radio this morning, it was not about saving money.

It was about creating a real financial incentive for young people to desperately seek work, knowing that they had nothing to fall back on.

Should young people be forced to wait to go on the dole?

This poll ended on 17 September 2015.

Current Results

Yes. It might make them look harder for a job.


No. It's cruel as the jobs are not out there


No. It's too simplistic to have a blanket rule


Yes. Businesses can't find young workers


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

And he argues there are plenty of exemptions to cater for those who can't, including those with mental illness, coming out of detention, or suffering from family violence at home.

The payments are $300 a week or less - so it's hardly a life of luxury.

But Mr Morrison argues that NZ efforts have seen 40% of those forced to look for work find it - a claim disputed by Labor.

Of course, the real solution lies in fixing the national economy and creating the climate for employers - including small businesses - to create jobs.

Critics of the delayed payment scheme say young people are already required to search for 10 jobs a fortnight, maintain contact with their employment service provider and face having their dole payments docked for job interviews they fail to attend.

However, if the savings found by cutting off 'bludgers' were put towards employment and training schemes for those who want to work, maybe its something both sides of politics should have another look at.

Taxpayer funded welfare should be those who genuinely need it - not those content with living off the rest of us for all their days.

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What you're saying on Facebook:

Michael Broer: "The federal government's addiction to outdated technology, it's economically destructive practices of divestment from renewable energies and its inability to help anyone but their already wealthy political donors are the real issues we need to confront if there is going to be hope for our future. Blaming poverty on the poor has never made sense and the people are waking up to the lies and the corruption. This government have proven themselves completely unelectable."

Nicole Valerie Otago: "Older people still wait , it isn't instant. Until youth are 18 they are supported by mum and day. The government pays the parents for their kids till this age."

Matt Tomlinson: "Will all these new refugee's be waiting aswell?. How about the government start trying to make new jobs and reopen the postions that they have made redundant before they start punishing the people for the lack of effort these Liberal fat cats have made."

Bryan Godsall: "Instead of kick people whilst they are down, why don't this bunch of morons actually do something about the lack of jobs."

Edward Gilmour: "What happened to the Work for the dole schemes?"

Karen Silsby: "Doesn't matter if the parents earn then they get nothing anyway so we have to provide once they are 18 yrs and in full time study at uni..."

Marian Stephens: "Get them into courses & volunteering, they need experience and knowledge to get themselves working, not money to sit around and live on."

Talina Wilson: "If youth should, everyone should. Why is the 'youth' any different? Are their bills smaller to someone who is older? No they are not. So why should they be punished simply because they are younger?"

Dianne Young: "Yes at least 6 mths, no incentive to look for employment."

Garry Ryan: "Theyve been living off us as it is so a month extra wont make a difference. When we were getting child benefit it equated to 40 cents a week. I will miss that extra added income but we'll get by."

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