WATCH: World Ageing Conference-Making age-friendly a reality

AGE-FRIENDLY is a world that's thrown around quite a lot, but what does it actually mean? 

Age-friendly is insuring there are facilities within communities, towns and cities that are not just inclusive of one age group, but all age groups.

So this requires planning and thought but also action from governments and funding bodies to put in place intergenerational measures that include benches, public toilets, railings, seats, footpaths, lighting and the list goes on. 

To make sure the planning and action process to create an age-friendly community is successful, there needs to first be regulation of what age-friendly means for different communities across the world with varied needs and demographics. 

Debra Whitman is AARP's Chief Public Policy Officer, leading policy development, analysis and research, as well as global thought leadership supporting and advancing the interests of individuals 50+ and their families.

She helps provide the framework and guide lines in her area for age-friendly approaches to town planning and wants to further advocate for government involvement in age-friendly initiatives. 

You can watch the full interview with Debra via pressing play on the video above.