WATCH: World Ageing Conference - Circus play for seniors

WHEN Kate Riegle Van West joined the circus 10 years ago and first picked up a Poi she didn't realise this bizarre form of 'object manipulation play' would consume her life for the next decade. 

Kate noticed that Poi made her feel really good and it was lots of fun but she didn't start realising why it made her feel good until recently. 

Initially it was the realisation that Poi helped her focus clearly and ultimately could be used as a form of relaxation to regain clarity. 

Through this realisation of the benefits of Poi, Kate wanted to see how others could reap the positive outcomes of regularly using Poi and she wanted to be the first person to conduct this research. 

Kate choose to begin her research on older people due to the foreseeable growth of the older population. She moved to Auckland in New Zealand and is currently half-way through her research study into the effects of regular Poi on older people.

You can watch the full interview with Kate by clicking play on the video above.