WATCH: Thousands of seniors join fun at Gold Coast Expo

THE Gold Coast Seniors Expo 2016 was another roaring success as almost 3000 mature-aged residents seized the day and embraced their senior status. 

The event included speeches from prominent individuals that are contributing to the improvement of living solutions and an age-friendly environment for the older population, including a speech by our very own Seniors Newspaper editor Gail Forrer. 

A magician and dancers entertained guests as TV presenter Bruce Paige MC'd from on-stage throughout the day, as well as morning tea and lunch provided for guests. 

Hundreds of stalls lined the hall as seniors glided through the crowds to visit each one, finding out new information about living, retirement, travel, aged care and much more. 

It was a productive day for the Seniors News team at the stall section, many guests approached the team to admire the new-look newspaper and commend the editorial staff on the changes they've seen in content and design. 

Mr Paige took a moment to speak with Seniors News about the importance of the Gold Coast Seniors Expo and his involvement with the event over the past few years. 

"I was lucky enough to be the MC at the Gold Coast Seniors Expo at Runaway Bay today," he said.

The Channel Nine News reader said the costume he was wearing was provided by Stuart Robert, as he lifted his top-hat and showed-off his bright orange and red Hawaiian shirt. 

"Ring master was the term that he used, I was to be the ring master, it was loud enough," he said.

"But this is pretty good Gold Coast gear isn't it?

"I reckon coming up to Christmas before I go on holidays I might resurrect this, under the jacket, no tie."

The MC said he was at the Expo last year and feels like he's becoming a bit of a permanent fixture. 

"I might be crazy but I don't mind having a chat to people and you get to do that here," he said.

"Many of the people here are our viewers and it's a pleasure to say g'day to them."

The 68-year-old said the Expo provided an outlet for residents of a mature-age to get out for the day if they feel a bit house-bound.

"It's a social thing isn't it," he said. 

"They get out and probably say to their friends 'See you at the Expo!' and away they go.

"Maybe (I'll come) again next year, maybe not the hat!" Mr Pagie said and finished with a pose in his flamboyant attire.