WATCH: Seniors Newspaper editor gives speech at Goldy Expo

A QUOTE from Ita Buttrose rang true on the day of the 2016 Gold Coast Seniors Expo: "We are lucky to grow old."  

As almost 3000 attendees walked through the doors and wandered around the stalls, listened to the magician and his tricks, took note of every word Bruce Paige spoke, each and every one of them are lucky they have reached their age and can claim their seniors status with heads held high. 

That's the ethos that the Seniors Newspaper Network lives by, a positive outlook on the present and future, with an emphasis on embracing ageing. 

And this is also the topic Seniors Newspaper Network editor Gail Forrer began her speech with at the Expo, which you can watch in full above. 

"That's was our paper is about, about being really positive, about giving some good news,"

"We're lucky to get old and I hope you can say we're lucky to have a really good paper like the Seniors Newspaper."

The positive comments attributed to our front cover people were gratifying, but there was one comment that stuck with Ms Forrer

"As one lady picked up a copy of the Ita Buttrose edition, she verbally responded to the headline," she said.

"'Ita's right, you know' the lady said, 'you are privileged to grow old, my son died at age 28.'"

It was difficult to gauge the most popular snack at last week's Senior's Gold Coast Expo - there were huge line-ups for the free sausage sizzle and Sarah Lee muffins.

The fruit stall though busy, didn't quite get the same numbers. But nothing compared with the thousands of people who lined up to  file  through the entrance doors of the Runaway Bay Basketball Stadium.

If you ever wondered about what was on the market to make ageing a little easier, then you hit the jackpot at this event.

As the mature-age demographic has grown, so have supporting industries and services and a great deal of them were happy to stake their place and talk to the crowd early last Wednesday.

From Seniors Pet Support program to The Office of Fair Trading, Community Transport, Volunteering for Entertainers, Meal Plans and Travel, local people had their chance to get in touch with all forms of practical assistance.

"For me, it provided a great chance to speak with our readers and advisers," Ms Forrer said.

"When people dropped by the Seniors stall, they often stayed and chatted about the content, we talked about everything from the new-look, to travel and the meaningful things that fill our daily lives.

"Everyone has a story and it was great surprise to meet the first Australian female member of Toastmasters," she said.

"Age has no boundaries when it comes to good work and Mark Hunter proved that when he spoke to me about his role as a former volunteer and now CEO of Hopewell Palliative Care. 

"I think the popularity of our new-look was evidenced by how fast our ample of stock of newspapers were grabbed by enthusiastic readers."