WATCH: New day program at Hopewell Hospice, Arundel

CARERS have to be some of the most hard-working individuals in the world. Their patience and selflessness is something to be marvelled, but with such great responsibility, carers often don't have a lot of time for themselves.

Hopewell Hospice in Arundel are trying to change this by providing a day-care program for people aged over 65, who have a life limiting illness and a carer.

Hopewell Hospice CEO Mark Hunter said the service is about providing respite for the carer and a relaxing environment for the client.

"We've had a palliative care end-of-life facility for many years but we've just started providing a new service," he said.

"In doing so we have a day program every Wednesday and the resident or the client can come and have everything provided, we have therapies and activities."

 The emphasis at Hopewell is on living as full a life as possible in a home-like environment.

Family and friends are welcomed, and encouraged to become part of the Hopewell community and the day program provides a social outlet for clients.

"It's a social day because quite often these people don't have a social network, they're in the home with their carer and that's it," Mr Hunter said.

"So this gets them out in a social environment with some therapies and some support and the carer can then do some of their other jobs or then can join in."

To find out more about the Hopewell Hospice day program you can contact Services Manager Julie Howe:

Ph: (07) 5563 3139