WATCH: Discover the hidden lagoons of Coron Island

TWIN Lagoons sparkle against ancient rock formations, hiding the most gorgeous, crystal clear waters.

Only accessible by boat, visitors have to lay flat on their backs to glide over the water and through a shallow cave to enter the pristine waters.

It's like something out of another world entirely, but it also makes you feel connected to Earth more than you ever have before.

The Twin Lagoons are located on Coron Island in the Philippines and videos of the lagoons have flooded the internet as visitors from over the world make their way to the magical location.

As the same implies, the Twin Lagoons are two bodies of water separated by a wall of karst. Your tour boat will stop at the edge of the outer lagoon which is surrounded by sheer cliffs of karst and it would be easy to assume that the lagoon ended there.

That's until you discover a hole in one of those cliff walls that leads on to a second, inner lagoon. The hole is completely submerged underwater at high tide.



A wooden ladder has been placed above this hole to allow visitors to climb up the rocks and view the second lagoon. However, during low tide the hole is visible and one can swim through this narrow opening.

This lagoon is not as large as the outer lagoon but its size is still considerable and is difficult to negotiate from end to end for average swimmers.