WATCH: Creating beautiful and wearable pieces of art

WE LIVE in a materialistic world, in a world where clothes, bags, shoes, anything you can imagine now comes in the millions rather than the few. 

This allows consumers to become complacent and rather than reusing or repurposing what's already there, the temptation to simply replace a broken or lost item is too great. 

One item I'm sure is purchased far too often is the handbag. Many have hundreds of bags lying around when they typically will only use one on a daily basis.

Many will also buy another bag to replace an old or broken one, without considering they might be able to repurpose an old (last month's?) bag or...maybe...create their own handbag. 

Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show craft steward Roslyn McKay is one woman who thought to do just that, and her first-prize-award-winning-bags are magnificent. 

"I know craft can be a little expensive but I've found something that's not very expensive and it's very rewarding and it looks very lovely," she said.

Roslyn creates her beautiful wearable art from recycled paper, purchasing magazines from the op shop or lifeline and weaving them together.

"I cut them up and contact them and fold them," she said.

"I often do it just at night time when I'm cooking dinner I'll just fold my bits of paper and have them ready for when I'm ready to make the project."

This is Roslyn's second year organising the arts and crafts section of the Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show and she's hoping to continue to improve the exhibition each year she's involved.

"We're really trying to get the arts and craft up a little bit and get some more people to contribute and enter for us for next year."


  • Approximately 3 magazines 
  • 2  x tape (about 5 cm wide)
  • Precision Cutter
  • needle 
  • thread
  • scissors