Wallabies will be up against All Black aura

THERE is some sort of footy game on early tomorrow morning, some sort of Cup.

I thought people were talking about the Melbourne Cup but apparently there is another Cup on tomorrow morning about 2am and it's not to drink out of. But now I know what it is I am sure there will be plenty of Kay One W Ones lifting some Steinlagers as well as some Aussies knocking down a few beers and Bundies.

A thing called the Rugby World Cup comes to its glorious finale tomorrow morning and what better way to end than the All Blacks v Wallabies.

Anyone that knows me will be pretty clear that I am not a big fan of rugby, publicly anyway, but it is really hard not to like it come this tournament every four years despite rugby tragics preparing for and waffling about it for three years and 364 days leading up to the next one.

I actually should like the game as my Grandad played for Queensland way back in 1907 - which I only found out about 15 years ago after bagging the game my entire life - but secretly I have always been a fan of the All Blacks because I love the way they run the ball and back themselves no matter what the odds.

I remember being at a rugby Test in Brisbane in the early 80s and the All Blacks hooker Hika Reid made a break on their own line, starting a magic passage of play that ended with him backing up the ball carriers to the other end and getting the ball back to score under the posts - and I thought, I could get used to this, it was awesome.

Since then I have always had an interest in the All Blacks, players like Andy Haden, Andy Dalton, Buck Shelford, Sean Fitzpatrick, Zinzan Brooke and of course Richie McCaw - all incredibly tough forwards with an aura around them.

The Wallabies have had their share of tough guys as well: Mark Loane, Tony Shaw, Simon Poidevin, Tom Lawton, John Eales and hopefully tomorrow morning's hero David Pocock. But for mine the aura factor is certainly in favour of the All Blacks through history and possibly tomorrow morning.

I remember talking to Toutai Kefu (he was no slouch in the tough forward school either) and he was talking about an upcoming game and said, "Cometh the hour cometh the man".

Now I am not sure whether he was referring to the last 20 minutes being so important or one player standing tall in an epic battle, but in my view come tomorrow morning there will need to be at least 15 Wallabies standing tall to beat a team of champions.

If you do want to watch Wallabies v All Blacks at a public venue, old mate Clayton Williams' Duporth Tavern at Maroochydore has a late licence until 5am with kick-off at 2am.

I reckon the crowd will be about 50/50 Kiwis and Aussies so I advise you to take your sense of humour.

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