The Walking Dead S6E06: Always Accountable review

*spoilers ahead if you haven't seen season six, episode six*

REVIEW: THERE was not as much action as most of this season but, unlike last week's Now, Always Accountable developed narrative without becoming a bore.

Always Accountable started with a bang.

We rejoined Daryl (Norman Reedus), Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin Green) as they led the superherd of walkers away from Alexandria.

Little more than a minute later they were blindsided by a mysterious group of people in hot pursuit and firing at our survivors.

Daryl escaped some distance on his bike despite being shot, while Abraham and Sasha marked time in a "safe" building.

It was the perfect setup..

The separation not only allowed us to have two very different styles of character and narrative development, but it gave us the chance to truly see how they have changed as people in the six seasons.

Always Accountable was far better and far more effective than last week's Now, which ran with a similar theme of character exploration rather than advancing plot.

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There was a time Daryl would have left the new survivors, the names of whom weren't revealed, he met for dead, but instead he circled back and helped them avoid an as yet unknown group of bad guys.

As it turned out the new survivors, one of whom was subjected to the silliest death so far (oops, tripped and fell onto two walkers), weren't so kind, and left our now-unarmed fan favourite to fend for himself.

Thankfully for those who can't endure another drawn out "did so-and-so survive" storyline (what happened to Glenn?!) Daryl conveniently found a truck and rejoined Abraham and Sasha.

They're time together was something else entirely.

Abraham's interaction with a walker suspended off the top of a building was bizarre. It was as if he reached his topping point, putting himself in extreme danger for who knows why.

The rockets and cigars he found in the back of a military vehicle may come into the story later (please do), but for now it merely helped Abraham rediscover some of his badass persona.

A few more things:

- Who were these people Daryl helped? No names were revealed but they took him captive, accepted his help then stole his bike - and crossbow - to leave him for dead.

- Who were the people hunting the survivors? They didn't look like a rag-tag bunch of bad guys. This group methodically worked their way through bushland to find their target. Will we learn who they are?

- Who's voice was that on the radio? The episode ended with static, a loud "HELP", then more static before silence. Who needs help? Will we find out next week?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The Walking Dead airs Mondays at 12.30pm and 7.30pm (AEST) on FX (Channel 119).

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