Unplug from the ordinary at Wanderlust Sunshine Coast

WE lined up to collect our Wanderlust bracelets - our entree into the next few days of yoga classes, yoga talks, hikes with yoga, surfing with yoga, stand-up paddle boards with yoga...

Around us, lots of young, lithe yogis in funky tights and coordinating tank tops.

My friend said: "I heard 85% of the people here are in their twenties and thirties?"

I took a closer look. Yes they were young, mostly. Yes they were lithe, pretty much. And they were wearing the latest in yoga gear.

But there was something else, a vibe.

It was healthy and happy and adventurous, and I liked it.

So I pushed away thoughts of being the oldest body in the class, claimed my bracelet, and ventured into yoga land with a smile on my face.

Wanderlust is not just about yoga, there's also meditation and music day and night, and all sorts of other treats - from jewellery to funky yoga gear - you'll find around just about any corner of the packed Novotel Twin Waters resort.

Not to forget the heaps of yummy food stalls - vegetarian, vegan and protein for meat lovers - and the Vegan Earth to Table Dinner featuring locally sourced, seasonal produce and sustainably produced beverages.

With venues named The Quiet Place, The Mothership, The Uncommons, and The Speakeasy you're in for an experience that's anything but boring.

We meditated on the beach at sunrise, did yoga on the beach at sunset. We listened to talks, chanted mantras and danced to Sneaky Sound System, alongside the young lovelies, in the huge marquee.

Yes, we were at the pointy end of the age range, but we didn't feel out of place, and we didn't disgrace ourselves. We weren't as bendy as some, but we held our own - and we had a ball.

That was last year, and I'm lining up again this year, smile still in place.

And for those other adventurous grey-haired yogis I've put together a list of a few events I think might just fit the older yogi's tastes.

Think fun, think funky, think laterally - this is Wanderlust...


Presence - The art of self-assurance

Fine-tune of your temperament with musician Arli Liberman and yoga teacher Amy Ippoliti. Flow through a yoga practice that elevates and enlivens your being while giving your mind the respite it needs. I did one of Amy's classes last year and still think "walk like a toddler", thanks Amy.

Rewire your system to stress less

Nikkiy Ralston will help you learn to rewire the nervous system's response to stress and how you can approach your practice, training and life in a manner that supports the nervous system and restores vitality, rather than exhausting and depleting us.

Wanderlust spectacular

Don't head off to bed early on the first night, get into the Wanderlust spirit with a celebratory extravaganza that engages the audience to participate with mind, body, heart, and soul. Through rich imagery, innovative lighting, and cutting-edge music, journey together to the core of Wanderlust's mission - how to find your true north.

Time To Chill / Straight Chillin'

I love some restorative yoga. Tired of down dog? Tired of vinyasa? Want a change? Want a chill?

Josh Blau will lead you through a beautiful sensorial journey to help you rest, restore and relax for the evening ahead and the following days to come!

New Beginnings: Meditation for change

Take some quiet time. In this class Gloria Latham will lead an active meditation that incorporates Kirtan Kriya, one of most important meditations in the Kundalini Yoga tradition and is recommended for those seeking change. The Sa-Ta-Na-Ma mantra of new beginnings has the power to break our habit patterns and addictions and put us on a powerful path to change.

Hoop Dance for total beginners

Haven't picked up a hula hoop since you were a kid? Wondering if you can still give it a whirl? This is the class for you. Deanna Love will teach the foundations of hoop dance and surprise yourself with how quickly you become a hoop star once again. Hoops, tunes and lots of fun provided. No experience needed!

Movement Manifesto

Get outside and move your stuff in a whole new way! Frolic in nature and experience your body as part of the landscape. With tracks laid down by AndyDub, explore the zesty delight of freeform movement, animal flows and partner yoga, all wrapped up with an exquisite rest under the blue Queensland sky. (Warning: playlist may include disco...)

Radical Relaxation

Relax, unwind and explore a meditative regenerative sequence with this evolutionary sequence for deep relaxation, opening and natural flexibility. The class includes lunar asanas sequence, ball-oil and aromatherapy self-massage, and a guided healing savasana.

Beach Walk and Meditation

Noelle Connolly will help you connect to the sights, sounds and smells of the ocean in this sunset walking meditation. Move quietly along the sand, enjoy the beauty of the ocean, and connect to our own inner beauty in a closing meditation circle.

Hike with Heart and purposeful Presence

In the full-on "do, do, do" society we live in it's not often we can just be. Melissa Ambrosini teaches presence is the key to our happiness and unlocks our true fulfilment. In this session, hike with heart and presence and round off with a powerful guided meditation to bring you back into your body and send you out into your day bursting with love.

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