Trump flies into Michael Moore's '100 days of resistance'

DONALD Trump is preparing to sign executive actions on his first day in the White House, to take the opening steps to crack down on immigration, build a wall on the US-Mexican border and roll back outgoing President Barack Obama's policies.

Trump, a Republican elected on November 8 to succeed Democrat Obama, arrived in Washington on a military plane with his family a day before he will be sworn in during a ceremony at the US Capitol.

Aides said Trump will not wait to wield one of the most powerful tools of his office, the presidential pen, to sign several executive actions that can be implemented without the input of Congress.

Trump also plans to visit the headquarters of the CIA on Sunday.

Meanwhile, A-list celebrities joined several thousand protesters on the streets of New York to protest against Donald Trump.

Hollywood actors Robert de Niro and Alec Baldwin, Oscar-winning director Michael Moore and singer Cher were among those who joined the noisy gathering close to the Trump International Hotel on Central Park South.

Baldwin, who lampoons Trump in a regular slot on comedy TV show Saturday Night Live to rave reviews and repeated Twitter drubbings from the thin-skinned Republican billionaire, took to the podium to do his Trump impression.

"Are we going to have 100 days of resistance?" he said, revving up the crowd and switching to his regular voice. "Fantastic!" he hollered.

Michael Moore also predicted "he (Donald Trump) will not last four years".

"It's a dangerous combination: a narcissist and a public official.

"It's all about what is in it for me.

"That's when they break the law and that's when they go down."

The controversial filmmaker  urged the crowd to commit to "100 Days of Resistance" to Trump.

He said if Trump puts up a Muslim registry he will be the first to sign his name

"We are all Muslim, we are all Mexican, we are all women, we are all Americans. Yes and we are all gay, and lesbian, and bisexual, and transgender and God damn it we are all queer too."

Earlier, he said: "The good news is there's more of us than there are of them. That's the good news."

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