Truckie turned grey nomad's wise words for caravanners

KEN Beggs might be travelling around Australia in a caravan now, but the veteran truckie had some words of wisdom for his fellow travellers.

His sticking point? Parking etiquette - specifically don't park in truck parking rest stops.

"Most nights around 11-12pm I'm getting to the end of my allotted 14-hour work day an am looking for one of the few truck rest stops available, only to find it full of wobbly boxes," he wrote in a "letter to caravanners", penned for The Grey

"Or worse still one or two parked randomly in the middle of a rest stop.

"This means I can't fit my truck in there and have to try and stay awake until the next park, mostly 50 to 100km further on."

He urged caravanners to "drive off to the edge or into a cleared spot" or "drive as far forward as you can so that a truck can rank in behind you".

He reiterated the fact the roads and highways were the truckies work place and as such, truck parking bays formed part of that work place.

"We need them for our rest," he wrote.

"If we are well-rested we won't get cranky with you on the road and more importantly we will be safer drivers."

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