SAGE Hotel in Fortitude Valley.
SAGE Hotel in Fortitude Valley. Supplied

TRAVEL: Having fun testing out the SAGE Hotel

I LOVE the smell of a brand new building. I told this to the helpful young man who took our bags up to the third floor of the newly opened SAGE Hotel in Fortitude Valley.

He seemed surprised when I told him I loved the smell of fresh paint.

"You do?" he asked.

"Yes, it reminds me of moving into a newly built house, everything is brand new and untouched. I love it."

And that's the way it is now at the SAGE hotel.

The bathrooms are all clean lines with spotless grey tiles and modern shower accessories.

The bed linen is pristine and the pillows are plump and fresh and new and colourful. Lovely stuff.

I was once asked by a travel magazine what I liked to do when I first checked into a hotel, what I looked for.

Here is my confession.

First thing. The bed.

In my heyday I used to get up and jump on it to test its firmness but I can't do that anymore, knees.

So I do plonk on it and give it a good bounce to test the mattress.

Then I head straight to the bathroom to check the quality of the toiletries.

There was a time long ago when we all, (yes, you) took home the little shampoos and soaps.

Then we got bored with nicking stuff and didn't bother.

But now that so many hotels pride themselves on featuring really good stuff in their bathrooms, it is back to taking them home again.

My big annoyance is hotels that put their shampoo in a big clunky dispenser in the shower.

Bigger annoyance still is the hotel that thinks a shampoo/conditioner combination does the trick. It doesn't.

You need a separate conditioner after shampooing to get the tangles out.

Fortunately, the new SAGE hotel does really good stuff in its bathroom.

The next thing I do in a hotel room I need to say it?...check-out the mini bar.

Even if my man and I have a strict rule of 'don't touch the mini bar' we still like to look at the goodies inside.

While we would never dream of paying $30 for a Toblerone (exaggeration, but bear with me) or $50 for a packet of macadamias, we like the reassurance of knowing they are there waiting for us if the urge hits.

The SAGE hotel does not have Toblerones, instead wonderfully luscious sweet treats from New Farm Confectionery.

There is something sexy and exciting about checking into a hotel room and although I have done it a hundred or more times in my long life of travel, the enchantment has yet to wear off.

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