Feeling at gnome in West Australia

TRAVEL: There is gnothing quite like this whimsical West Australian tourist town of Gnomesville.
TRAVEL: There is gnothing quite like this whimsical West Australian tourist town of Gnomesville.

ON the Eastern Junction Roundabout in Wellington Mill, Western Australia, is a little town occupied by the very oddest of characters.

They don't eat, but there are restaurants in the town. They don't drive, but parking lots abound. They wear odd outfits which they never change. Some have signs hung around their necks, but their not protesting. There are picnic tables for family fun, but they are too high for the residents to use.

Curious? Then next time you are in West Australia, make sure you find your way to the little town of Gnomesville where little people rule.

The Gnomesville website tells the story of how the town came to be.

"Nobody knows exactly how the place came to be in existence. One rumour has it that a woman who liked repairing gnomes left one or two there as a decoration, and people gradually added to them. Another story says that some primary school children pointed fingers at a nearby roundabout, identifying it as a traffic hazard.

"When their complaints garnered attention in the local news, the town council initiated a fix-up project, and somebody playfully left a gnome there to stand guard. Some people say the workers themselves brought the original gnomes, and then others followed suit."

There are now about 7000 garden gnomes who have taken up residence in the town. They have come from around the world, with visitors often leaving a gnomey-friend behind.

"There are gnome homes so no gnomes are homeless, really. There are partying gnomes, plane-flying gnomes, and even a john-sitting gnome. There is even a fenced-in detention area for bad gnomes," the visitor information tells us.

So, when you are planning go somewhere different and see something different, visiting Gnomesville would have to be high on the list.

For more information on Gnomesville, go to

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