PET SAFETY: 11 plants that are safe for Fido and Whiskers to play with, or eat.
PET SAFETY: 11 plants that are safe for Fido and Whiskers to play with, or eat.

Perfect pet-friendly plants for your home

PETS and gardens don't always mix well. The RSPCA provides information on those plants that we should keep clear from our little friends but there are still plenty of options to consider for a pet-friendly garden.

Here are 11 plants that are safe for Fido and Whiskers to play with... or nibble to pieces...

  1. Boston ferns

If it's good enough for Garfield the cat as a dessert, then it's good enough for our pets. Just make sure to provide extra humidity for this fern in indirect sunlight and keep the soil damp.

  1. Spider plant

Easy to care for and grows well in low-light conditions. Cats also seem to love playing with its spindly leaves so use plant hangers to keep them out of reach!

  1. Bromeliads

Colourful and easy to care for as Bromeliads can grow without much light at all - great for those who don't get lots of natural light in the home. It comes in a variety of colours so it's also a fun plant to collect!

  1. Cast iron plant

Beautiful, low-maintenance, and their leaves don't dangle to entice your pets. Plus, they will thrive in about any room of the house including shady spots.

  1. African violets

Keep these violet beauties where they can get plenty of indirect sunlight and warmth and they will happily bloom in copious amounts. Allow water to stand for 48 hours before watering and avoid splashing the foliage as this can lead to blotches.

  1. Peperomia

Many peperomias are trailing plants that look great in hanging baskets or spilling over the edge of a high shelf. They come in a variety of colours and sizes.

  1. Forsythia

Bursting yellows are a great way to brighten a yard. You can single plant or grow this flower as a hedge.

  1. Echinacea

A soft and pretty addition to any garden bed, these daisy-like flowers are also hardy enough to survive without much attention. More time to play with puppy!

  1. Buddleja (Butterfly bush)

These plants are renowned for their long nectar-rich flower spikes. The butterfly bush attracts exactly what the name suggests, so your garden will be a colourful playground of fluttering wildlife.

  1. Moth orchids

Not only are these pet-safe, they are popular edible flowers, too. You'll see these garnishing food plates and tropical drinks on trips to Hawaii and if you're looking for a way to spruce up your entertaining skills, use these flowers when making floral ice cubes.

  1. Burro's tail

These plants, also known as Donkey's tail,  look fantastic in hanging baskets. Cats will also love to play with the small bits that break off but there's no need to worry as this succulent is all safe.

This story was first published as 11 pet-friendly plants for your home and garden.

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