These hangover cures could be the miracle cure you need on New Year's Day.
These hangover cures could be the miracle cure you need on New Year's Day. Stockbyte

Top hangover cures for New Year's blues

YOU'RE at a New Year's Eve party surrounded by drinkers who keep offering you a very inviting long, cool drink.

Do you drink it or do you abstain because you are worrying about how you will feel the next day?

If you find yourself overindulging, the next morning will dawn with the inevitable sore head and search for something, anything to relieve the pain.

The jury is still out on just what the best cure for a hangover is, but below are some of the more interesting suggestions and products that could just be a miracle cure for you.


Before you head out to party, one suggestion is to drink about 220ml of Asian pear juice. CSIRO research indicates pears may help prevent that hungover feeling.

Another one is to eat mashed potatoes.

Gastroenterologist Dr Nick Read told the Daily Mail: "It's not about lining your stomach as such, but if you put fat in your stomach before a drink, once it gets into the duodenum [the first part of the small intestine] it will slow down gastric emptying, so that drink will not be emptied so quickly from the stomach.

"This means you'll get drunk less quickly, which could mean a milder hangover."


At the party, choose clear booze such as vodka and gin or clearer rum to avoid lots of cogeners.

The director of the US National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, George Koob, explains that substances called cogeners used during fermentation, other than alcohol and water, may increase the after-effects of alcohol.


Drinking through the hangover pain experts say is a definite no, no.

Some game drinkers swear by an Oyster Shooter which is a combination of raw egg, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and salt and pepper. After that you might either feel better or hurry up the emptying of your tender tummy.

Experts do say drink water, and lots of it.  Add in a pinch of sea salt and a teaspoon of sugar and sip away, or boil up a cup of non-caffeinated iced tea.


For the upset tummy, think about what non-sailors do when they go to sea, and add ginger to a hot cup of water.

Eat asparagus. The Journal of Food Science says asparagus, "exerts its biological functions, including the alleviation of alcohol hangover and the protection of liver cells against toxic insults."

Sadly, the morning coffee is off the menu and so is the sugar-fix and Asprin. All of these add to the imbalance in your system.

Tuck into a hearty breakfast, if you can face it. Toast, egg, mushrooms, hash browns and orange juice, if possible.


If all else fails, have sex.

Cardiologist Dr Daniel Yadegar says, "Some studies show that having sex is helpful for a hangover.

"Maybe it's the endorphins that are released, or that it just helps the time go by faster."

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