Sugarloaf Mountain and Botafogo District view by Sunset in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Sugarloaf Mountain and Botafogo District view by Sunset in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. dabldy

Top 10 gay holiday destinations around the globe

LET'S face it, those in the gay community seem to have far more fun than the rest of us, so it makes sense to follow their instincts and holiday where they do.

Check out these 10 gay destinations from around the world and around the country.

If you plan a visit during one of the many festivals in these destinations, you'll enjoy it all the more.

San Francisco, U.S.A.

The Big Daddy of all the gay cities, the place where it all came out in the 60s and gay pride spread its tentacles all over the world.

With its Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, Lombard Street and those cute cable cars, exploring San Francisco is a treat, especially when there is a restaurant, café or bar always a few footsteps away.

Mykonos, Greek Islands

If San Francisco is King of the gay destinations then Mykonos must be the Queen. The entire Greek Island is gay - from the seafront tavernas at Super Paradise Beach to the myriad clubs and bars hidden in the maze of cobbled streets in Mykonos town.

Mykonos buzzes from early morning until early the next morning.

Summer sizzles on this hedonistic island, and although its gay-friendly reputation is globally known, it welcomes us seniors just as warmly.

Sitges, Spain.

This small fishing village with its sunny beaches and quaint old town was home to a sprinkling of fishermen and their families in the 60s, until the gay crowd discovered its laid-back charm and arrived in droves.

The clubs, gyms and saunas quickly popped up and now Sitges is famous the world over for its vivacious gay nightlife and colourful festivals.

It's a perfect European summer destination for all of us.

Skala Erressos - Greek Island of Lesbos

This small seaside village on the south west of the Greek island attracts lesbians from all over the world.

A sweep of sandy beach fringed with over-sand taverns buzzes with gay women hanging out, having fun.

How Lesbos will recover from the massive influx of refugees over the past couple of years won't be known for some time.

But Lesbos is a beautiful Greek island with a delightful harbour and more olive trees than any other island.

It is cheaper than most other Greek islands and it could do with our tourism patronage.

Sydney, Australia

Super gay-friendly city, Sydney pulses during the biggest annual gay party in the country every February/March.

We all know about Mardi Gras but how many of us have made the pilgrimage to watch the parade?

Just once in our lives?

It would make for colourful memories.

Berlin, Germany

A pulsating city that welcomes everyone and loves the gay community.

Berlin enjoys a reputation as one of the world's most dynamic gay capitals.

That means a permanent year-round party, with carnivals, festivals and gala events every week.  

If the gay community has made Berlin a hedonist's dream destination, why shouldn't we join the party?

Puerto Vallarata, Mexico

Probably Mexico's most popular gay destination with more than its share of gay bars, night clubs and hilarious drag shows.

Watching the parade of fabulously fit bodies in Speedos while sipping icy margaritas at a beach-front bar is going to make us seniors hold in our tummies and vow to get to the gym when we return home.

Bangkok, Thailand

While not exactly a gay destination, Bangkok is known for its myriad bars where the lady boys love to slip into something glam, pile on the make-up, stick on the false eye-lashes and strut their stuff.

Thai people are among the most sweet, friendly and tolerant people in the world which makes this city a drawcard for the gay community.

It doesn't hurt that the shopping and dining is second to none.

Brazil, South America

Rio and rainbow we need to say more? 

Yes, we do.

Carnivale, costumes, colour.

And yet more: Copacabana, Ipanema...what are we waiting for?

Let's go to Rio.

Cape Town, South Africa

Fast becoming as popular as some of the more famous gay destinations.

Cape Town has a lively gay scene with bars, clubs and a relaxed beach vibe.

A visit to the Winelands wine country less than an hour from the city is a bonus. 

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