Top 10 creative and recycled gift wrapping ideas

WRAPPING presents can not only be fun, but provides a terrific opportunity to put creative ways of recycling and reducing paper waste into practice.

People all over the internet have been posting their crafty, DIY ways to wrap presents with recycled paper. Here are the top ten recycled gift wrapping ideas that we've found:

1. Newspaper Bows

Instead of throwing out the daily paper, here's a crafty way to put it to good use.

2. Glossy Newsprint

This gift wrapping idea makes great, clean and high-quality looking wrapping paper. Repurpose old magazines and keep them out of the landfill.

3. Reusable Fabric Wrap

Reusable wrapping like the fabric wrap here is a great way to reduce paper waste.

4. Old Maps

With GPS technology replacing traditional paper maps, this provides a great alternative to just throwing out those old unused maps.

5. Comic Books

A fun and colourful way to wrap gifts; try and putting those comic books to good use.

6. Children's Artwork

Meaningful and sentimental gift wrapping like this is a perfect alternative to traditional and wasteful wrapping habits.

7. Take-out Menus

Repurpose those old take out menus in a clever and creative way.

8. Old Posters

A great idea for the music/movie lover, posters can be used to personalise an already personal holiday gift.

9. Paper Bags

As a huge source of paper waste, paper bags can be saved from the landfill by being used as gift wrapping.

10. Newspaper Comics

A classic gift wrapping alternative, the Comics from your Sunday paper provide a fun and crafty source for wrapping paper.

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