Tony Abbott... has had plenty to say about Malcolm Turnbull.
Tony Abbott... has had plenty to say about Malcolm Turnbull.

Is Tony Abbott biggest threat to Turnbull right now?

QUICK quiz: Who is the biggest threat to Malcolm Turnbull right now? Would it be Tony Abbott, the man from which he stole the crown, or Opposition leader Bill Shorten?

I have a hunch Abbott is doing far more damage to erode the authority of the Prime Minister and therefore our national stability than Blockhead Bill ever could.


Political pundits are now wondering whether Turnbull can survive at all. Perhaps they are right.

Shorten has hardly laid a glove on Turnbull, but thanks to Abbott he doesn't need to.

Australians are in a difficult position right now as Labor drums up another scare campaign, this time over the Fair Work penalty rates decision.

However, Shorten speaks with no authority.

Should the LNP bring back Tony Abbott to fight the One Nation threat?

This poll ended on 30 March 2017.

Current Results

Yes. He's much better than Turnbull


No. But they should get someone new


No. Leave Turnbull there


It won't make any difference who leads


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Working families must not forgive or forget his role in the Cleanevent agreement where 5000 workers lost $400 million in wages.

Nor will they forget the employees at Chiquita Mushrooms saw wages fall or lost their job after a deal with the AWU while he was secretary.

Several employers made bogus payments to the union or funded membership dues. Shorten also benefited from construction company Unibuilt paying the wages of one of his 2007 campaign workers.

The smelly deal provided Shorten with a springboard into Parliament.

It wasn't that long ago that a royal commission found criminality and widespread wrongdoing including phantom members, sham invoices, improper payments, the rorting of slush funds in the unions.

In Queensland there was evidence of violent intimidation and extortion.

I hope voters don't forget that at election time.

In the meantime, can Tony Abbott please learn to shut his trap.

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