WET PHONE ANYONE: It's not an uncommon story of a wet phone and what do to next.
WET PHONE ANYONE: It's not an uncommon story of a wet phone and what do to next.

Top tips: What to do when your phone goes in the drink

IT WAS a very strange start to our regular telephone conversation; "Ah, now have your mobile number," my sister said.

My response back was not unsurprisingly; "What are you talking about? You have always had my number."

It was about then the light went on as I started to realise that a not uncommon occurrence had just happened to her. She was sitting with her feet dangling in the cool pool in the backyard at home. Her mobile phone was sitting on top of the towel. She went to pick up the towel and somehow, effortlessly, the mobile went plonk into the drink.

A frantic effort to retrieve the phone using the pool scoop, holes and all, luckily delivered the phone back to the surface and onto the pool deck.

After that it was a dash to the kitchen cupboard and the bag of rice. Alas, putting the phone in a plastic bag with a lot of rice, didn't do the trick for her.

It is often recommended that when your phone ends up in the drink, whether it's the kitchen sink, bathroom basin, the swimming pool and even the toilet -

  • The first thing you should do once it's retrieved is turn it off.
  • Then open the casing and remove the card or cards, and the battery.
  • Use a dry cloth to remove as much of the water as possible.
  • Don't blow on the inside of the phone as this might move the water into other areas of phone that it hasn't quite got to yet.
  • Next, place your wet phone in a zip-lock bag and fill it with uncooked rice. Rice is very good for absorbing liquid.
  • Leave the phone alone - just let it sit in the bag with rice.
  • Try leaving it there for up to two days.
  • After that you can put the cards and battery back in and try to turn the mobile back on.

If all this fails, then it's time for you to visit your local phone supplier where you can purchase a replacement phone, and don't forget to take the old one with you so that they can put it in their recycling bin.

In hindsight

As I am a bit more tech-savvy than my much older sister, I suggested she just download her contacts from her backup file now that she a new phone.

A brief silence followed. "Ah, I haven't backed up my contacts," she said. "I don't know how."

We talked about her backup options - connect to a PC and backup the phone to a computer, or use the iCloud account that is usually on offer with the phone. Since she doesn't trust the iCloud, the PC was the logical choice.

In hindsight my sister said she that backing up her phone, both her contacts and her photos, is something she should do regularly. So, she is off to her local computer shop to get their young tech guru to show her how to do it.

Another tip from the sister; "Next time the phone will sit on the table next to me, not on top of the pool towel."

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