JAZZ IT UP: Serve a berry smoothie in a mason jar for something different.
JAZZ IT UP: Serve a berry smoothie in a mason jar for something different. Lilechka75

Tips to keep well while you spend your kids inheritance

WITH your superannuation sorted, you might have plans for either the big trip around Australia, or to kick back happy knowing your alarm clock no longer sends you scurrying off to work.

Well done, retirement has arrived, time to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

I'm sure you've been happily making plans for how you want to enjoy your retirement.

With all of your planning, have you given any consideration to how this new way of life is going to impact on your dietary habits?

Please take a minute to acknowledge you're either going to be spending the better part of your day lazing in the sun, or dragging around a caravan as you enjoy the spectacular views of our great country.

Whatever your choice of lifestyle, it will have an impact on your eating habits.

I'm certainly not about to tell you what you should be eating to accommodate your slowdown in lifestyle, but give some time to consider some easy choices with your meal selections so as you don't find yourself packing on the kilos.

Before I pass on this healthy, easy-to-prepare refreshment for those lazy retirement days let me just say congratulations - sit back relax and enjoy spending the kids' inheritance.

It's so easy yet refreshing after a day driving or just sitting in the sun.


Berry Smoothy


  • 1/3 cup of Greek yoghurt
  • 1/2 cup of frozen raspberries (or what-ever fruit floats your boat)
  • 2 tblsp of honey (for the sweet tooth)
  • 2/3 cup of juice (again it's your smoothie so whatever juice you like)
  • 1tblsp of protein packing powder (or I suggest staminade for those who would like added electrolytes)
  • And just because it's summer throw in say half dozen ice cubes


Okay, in any order you like, drop it into a blender (don't forget to put the lid on, or it could end in tears).

Hit the go button until smooth.

If your better half is anything like me don't mention any health benefits.

Just pour into a couple of cocktail glasses.

Position yourself some-where with a scenic view and watch all us less fortunate heading off to work.

As you sip your drink and have a satisfying smile on your face, think "no more work".

Life is good.



Here are some simple tips for the elderly with swallowing or chewing difficulties and poor appetite.

You can enhance flavour and textures, nutrition and appearance of meals and drinks.

Soft moist food. Chop, or finely mince or puree food to a texture that you can manage. Add gravy, sauce or broth. Vegetables can be mashed with cream, milk or broth. Butter, mayonnaise or sour cream can add a smooth rich flavour. Cheese sauce, olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar are also tasty flavour enhancers.

If weight gain is a necessity, full cream milk powder added to smoothies and milk shakes should be helpful. Why not blend bananas, mango, frozen berries, melon or fruits of your choice.Yum! And for a little treat...add a scoop of ice-cream or yoghurt. Blend, chill and enjoy.

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