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Tips to avoid heat stroke during heatwave

THERE is a concern for the elderly population and children on the Fraser Coast as we get ready to face the worst of the heatwave on Friday and into the weekend.

Paul Fitzpatrick is the Queensland Ambulance Service's Acting Clinical Support Officer for the Fraser Coast and he has experienced first hand the devastating effects of heat stroke while on the job.

"I went to a house in Hervey Bay a couple of years ago...a lady hadn't been seen for days and when we got there she was confused, red in the face...her heart-rate and temperature was high,” Mr Fitzpatrick said.

Mr Fitzpatrick said the woman hadn't drank enough fluids and after forcing entry into the home they managed to help her.

After giving her a drip she was hospitalised for a couple of days and luckily she lived.

Mr Fitzpatrick shares tips for avoiding heat stroke and other heat related incidents during the heatwave.

1. Stay hydrated by keeping large bottles of water handy at all times.

2. Avoid soft drink, other drinks high in sugar, caffeine and alcohol during the heatwave.

3. Drink extra fluids before and after a meal to rehydrate.

4. Don't fight using the air-conditioner and fan, keeping cool is more important saving money

5. Be aware - if your urine becomes dark, you are most likely dehydrated.

6. After using the toilet, replenish with fluid.

7. Eat more fruit and vegetables as they will help keep fluids up.

When it comes to heat related symptoms Mr Fitzpatrick said the community needed to be aware of anything out of the ordinary including vomiting, confusion, dizziness, muscle pain and cramping, facial flushing and extreme fatigue.

"If you have concerns or notice symptoms out of the ordinary call an ambulance,” he said.

Children are also at a higher risk of becoming victims of heat stroke due to their higher activity levels.

"Make sure your children are playing in shaded areas, have clothing with UV protection and make sure they drink plenty of water rather then soft drinks,” Mr Fitzpatrick said.

neighbour called had not seen her in a while - forced entry into the house.

cool down slowly.

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