Tips for on-trend women's winter fashion choices

WINTER FASHION: Melbourne fashion blogger Violet Ballato.
WINTER FASHION: Melbourne fashion blogger Violet Ballato. Silverfox Management

THIS winter's clothing trend is dreamy, romantic, flowing colours that evoke warmth and comfort for the bitter months ahead.

Fashion stylist Violet Ballato of A Stylish Age said the trend is for jewel colours and lots of velvets.

"The trends tends to be developed for the younger generation so we over 50s have to adapt to patterns within that trend,” the 52-year-old Violet said.

"Velvet is huge overseas and it's going to become a massive fabric here for winter.”

Jackets, skirts, tops, shoes, boots and bags will all follow this trend.

The colours evoke a glorious feeling of elegance; emeralds, sapphires and rose quartz embellished with embroidery.

"Even embroidery on jeans,” she added.

WINTER FASHION: luxurious velvet in wine, jewel and pastel colours are on trend.
WINTER FASHION: luxurious velvet in wine, jewel and pastel colours are on trend.

It's a romantic feel mixed with vintage and bohemian tones.

White ruffled dresses with black bows; "I think the Victorian era is coming into trend as well”, Violet said.

Shapes seems to have gone off the trend report as these days throughout a season different looks are presented.

"This is fantastic for every women,” Violet said.

"The trend is out for one look in particular. It's basically all shapes with a touch of the latest trend.”

Violet's other style tips are -


  • Silver or grey hair colour is back in and so is long hair and short, sharp bangs.


  • The makeup trend is following the luxurious jewel and wine colours.


  • Styles are black suede mules.
  • Boots, both really high on the leg and at the ankle, with embroidery, are on trend.

WINTER FASHION: fishnet stockings and fishnet socks are on trend this winter.
WINTER FASHION: fishnet stockings and fishnet socks are on trend this winter. VladimirFLoyd


  • Violet recommends tassels, pompoms and fabulous chandelier earrings.
  • In rings, gold with emeralds and ruby stones are trending.
  • Necklaces will tend to be the very delicate with a tassel or little drop, or the much heavier with tassels, pompoms and beading.
  • Fishnet stockings is another big winter trend. "They are everywhere,” Violet said.


  • The Melbourne based stylist shops at the big department stores such as Zara and H&M.
  • "I always find a piece to add to something I already have at home,” she said.
  • "I also shop a lot at St Vinnies and the Red Cross, and I always find samples and seconds from designers.”
  • Her vintage jewellery comes from opportunity shops and second-hand stores.

"When it comes to over 50, there are no rules anymore, as long as you can adapt something into your outfit, you will be fine,” Violet added.

"Have a base outfit and then add elements to it.”

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