Kevin and Dolly Leahy were married at the Muster on August 22, 2012. 24.08.17 Gympie Music Muster.
Kevin and Dolly Leahy were married at the Muster on August 22, 2012. 24.08.17 Gympie Music Muster. Rowan Schindler

Wedded bliss a big bra-vo for Gympie Muster

IT HAS been a wonderful five years of marriage for Dolly and Kevin Leahy who return to the Muster each year and set up their Bra Bar.

The couple met at a solo campervan rally in Yarram, Victoria, in early 2012.



It took Dolly and Kevin just six months until they were married on August 22, at their Bra Bar at the Gympie Music Muster in Amamoor Crk State Forest in front of hundreds of guests.

Their Bra Bar has been raising money for breast cancer for the past decade.

Dolly is a breast cancer survivor.

At the time, The Gympie Times reported the dress at the wedding was a mix of Muster casual come Muster glam with many of the guests dressing in costume for the big day.

"Driven to the wedding in an all terrain vehicle with the song Hello Dolly sounding out in the background, the breast cancer survivor was glowing," the article read.

"She wore a purple gown, patterned riding boots and a white feather boa teamed with a matching white hat and purple flower.

"Civil celebrant Irene Thompson oversaw the event, under the watchful eyes of three Muster bishops."

The bishops were named Thick, Hard and Long, and today, only Thick remains.

According to the article, the ceremony was short but meaningful with a touch of humour, especially when Kevin couldn't remember Dolly's name and Dolly told everyone he hadn't read the fine print.

"It was perfect," Dolly said at the time.

"It was the best wedding. I couldn't have asked for anything more with all these beautiful people around."

Kevin agreed.

"You couldn't beat that for a wedding no matter how much you paid," he was quoted.

Today, Kevin and Dolly, but their own admission, now live a gypsy life in a luxurious trailer with their six-year-old cat Bella.

"When I was on the road by myself I was known as Gypsy Dolly," Dolly said.

"I'm third in this family, behind the cat," Kevin said.

"We have our moments as a family, just ask the cat."

Bella is now the child in the family and Dolly explained the cat was the one who found her.

"I was up north visiting relatives and walked past a house," Dolly said.

"She came walking out to me, rolled over and I patted her. I knew she was my cat but she obviously belonged to someone.

"The next day, we went back, she was there and we found the owner.

"I told the man I wanted to buy their cat, he said I could have her for free."

Dolly and Kevin said the Bra Bar may have its "last hurrah" at this year's Muster, and hoped somebody would take it on.

"We've been doing this a long time but it is time to move along," Dolly said.

Gympie Times

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