There’s a lot of Wisdom in ‘connecting’ with the family

TECHNOLOGY in today's world offers a plethora of ways to communicate effectively so that every member of a family can keep in touch.

From text messaging, Skype, webcams, Facebook, Twitter and emails, the facilitation of communication has never been more available.

However, there are times when the one-on-one communication between grandparents, their children and their grandchildren falls through the cracks as IT takes control and keeping in touch becomes more difficult.

The solution may be to use a computer to send emails and keep up with family news via connections such as Facebook or Skype.

But computers can be complex as many seniors would agree, and there are always fears of a virus attack.

Brisbane-based IT company Wisdom Computing may have just released the right product.

First, their Easy Access computer is totally immune against any virus targeted at Windows.

Secondly, the display on the screen is simple: when the computer is up, you just have to choose between four options - email/ video call, internet, creating reminders or an advanced option.

All the actions are always visible (no new menu pops up or disappears incomprehensibly).

Also, visual and text aids - in plain English - help you remember the right button to use.

The email/video call module displays your contact with their photos so you email them, read their emails or call them in an easy and error-free way.

The internet module offers the opportunity to enlarge, or reduce, the web page you're reading.

Through the advanced button, you can switch to a guest environment with a lots of educational games to entertain grandchildren during a visit.

Wisdom also provides keyboards with high-visibility keys.

For more information about the computer, contact Stephan at Wisdom Computing on 0449 776 577.

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