Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in a scene from The Walking Dead. Supplied by Foxtel. Please credit photo to Gene Page/AMC.
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in a scene from The Walking Dead. Supplied by Foxtel. Please credit photo to Gene Page/AMC. Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead's season six premiere one of the best

*warning: potential spoilers lie ahead if you haven't finished season six, episode one*


Monday night's premiere of The Walking Dead's sixth season introduced one of my personal favourite aspects of the series.

The Walking Dead was a graphic novel before it was a TV series, and that has also spawned a series of novels.

I have only read one volume of the graphic novel but finished the books, and the superherd was one of the greatest aspects of the story.

He aptly named "First Time Again" saw a minor jump in time to the first time Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) works with Alexandria's population.

Nicotero, who directed last season's incredible "What's Happened and What's Going On" (the episode in which Tyrese died), is no ordinary director, and approached this episode with a masterful blend of black-and-white and colour sequences to fill in the story.

We saw how Rick's relationship with Alexandria's population developed, most notably with Ethan Embry's Carter, as well as his reconnection with Morgan (Lennie James).

We also saw how the fallout from season five's shocking conclusion (two deaths) affected people in the town.
The story centred on Rick's plan to draw a superherd of walkers away from Alexandria.

It was a genius plan that appeared to work, but, as it always seems to happen in this world, it fell apart just as things looked good.

We don't know who did it yet (leave your theories in the comments), but the sound of an extremely loud, continuous horn drew the walkers from the path and straight towards Alexandria.

Instead of the group celebrating a rare success, we were left with thousands of walkers diverting from the path towards our survivors home.

Away from that main story, we had:

  • Abraham's seemingly erratic behaviour,
  • Eugene's near-fatal mistake,
  • Eugene's glorious one-liners ("respect the hair game"),
  • Glenn and Nicholas' fractured relationship. Nicholas was responsible for Bob's death and then tried to kill Glenn, but took steps to heal the wounds and start the journey back to Glenn's good side.
  • Ron has not forgiven Rick for his father's (Pete) death. Will he avenge Pete?
  • The horn. Were the Wolves responsible for the horn or is there another new threat?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The Walking Dead airs at 7.30pm (AEST) on FX (Channel 119).

PREVIEW: THE WALKING Dead juggernaut returns to pay-TV screens tonight when FX shows the sixth season's premiere.

The Walking Dead follows former police officer Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who was shot, comatose, and woke to a world overrun by "walkers" (zombies).

In the five seasons so far, we've seen Rick overcome countless challenges to lead a group of survivors against the worst that walkers, and other people, have to offer.

At the end of season five, Rick and his group was cautiously accepted into Alexandria, a walled-in community that has apparently survived inside its walls since the outbreak.

The return of Morgan Jones (Lennie James) will add a new dynamic, and season six will no doubt explore how his character has changed.

He debuted in the first season, made an appearance in season three and was a recurring character in season five.

Season five ended with Morgan arriving at Alexandria, changed from the terrified shell of a man to a staff-wielding martial arts expert.

How he and Rick interact will be one of the most crucial aspects of the upcoming season, while the mystery of The Wolves is yet to be revealed.

The Wolves have made a handful of appearances in the series, and could shape as this season's biggest adversary.

I'll be following the premiere on Twitter, so join me at @MMcInerney89.

The Walking Dead airs at 7.30pm (AEST) on FX (Channel 119). Tonight's premiere will be a 90-minute special.

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