Wallam Creek campsite.
Wallam Creek campsite. nicky.norman

The town that refuses to die

LIKE all outback towns, Bollon is doing it tough. There's no longer a servo. Even the pub had to close its doors temporarily earlier this year and if a pub shuts down, you know a place is in trouble.

There's no grocery store as such. The café and the feed stock store sell basic necessities and for the rest, locals face the 120km drive to St George.

But Bollon is not going down without a fight.

In an attempt to attract the tourist dollar, they have created a beautiful campsite on Wallam Creek, free for travellers to pull up, have a drink by an open fire and, best of all, wash the dust off with a wonderful hot shower before bedding down for the night.

While you yarn with your fellow travellers you can enjoy the local birdlife - brolgas, emus, butcherbirds, and, when the creek is flowing as it is just now, cormorants and ducks.

All of this is at no charge but the good folk of Bollon ask that you make a donation to keep their Bush Nursing Centre operating. Last time I checked, they were saving hard for a defibrillator. Hopefully they've achieved their goal and have moved on to the next life-saving device.

And where is this big-hearted town, you may ask? It lies between St George and Cunnamulla. If you like an easy stroll before lunch, there is a concrete path along the creek that leads into the town and the handy pub just across the road. The path is lined with colourful plaques describing local history and nature.

Another 'must-visit' place is the local heritage centre, where enthusiastic locals can regale you with interesting snippets of history.

The locals are friendly, love a chat and are always ready with advice on road conditions for the traveller.

Grey nomads, like everyone else, are always on the lookout for great bargains when it comes to travel and Bollon's Wallam Creek Campsite is hard to beat.

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