The thrill experienced by divers is ageless

AS THE population ages, it is now quite common to see divers in their sixties and seventies enjoying scuba diving as a recreational sport.

They may not have the gung-ho attitude of some young divers but they nevertheless enjoy exploring the underwater world.

Typically, they don't enjoy going out on a dive boat if the ocean conditions are less than ideal.

They steer clear of strong currents unless the dive supervisor has organised a relaxing drift dive with the current.

And they prefer good underwater visibility which keeps them in a relaxed state.

Unless they are used to diving in cold water, most prefer diving in tropical and sub-tropical waters.

Older divers mostly are financially well-off so that they can afford at least one and sometimes two or three overseas dive trips each year.

Except for their face mask, they use the same equipment as a younger diver.

Older divers find they have to invest in a good optical mask to see clearly underwater.

They have to be able to easily read their diving instruments underwater.

Bifocal lenses allow divers to see large animals in the distance as well as small animals up close.

A good-quality, professionally-fitted bifocal face mask can cost about $550.

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