WHO ME? Rebecca Rough with husband Brendan and Bella the labrador, who really can't see what all the fuss is about.
WHO ME? Rebecca Rough with husband Brendan and Bella the labrador, who really can't see what all the fuss is about. PatrickWoods

Dog-gone it! Laborador eats priceless heirloom

WHEN Rebecca Rough lost her wedding and engagement rings last week she did the usual thing and turned her house upside down.

She and her husband Brendan looked in places the rings could have been - down behind the cushions on the lounge, for instance - and places where they couldn't possibly have been, like cupboards they hadn't been in for months.

Then Rebecca went back and checked them all again, just in case.

She'd been at the local swimming pool, so she checked where she'd been sitting, spoke to staff and searched the changing rooms.

Then she turned her attention to Noosa National Park and scoured an area where she'd spent some time the day before she realised the rings were missing.

"I was beside myself," the Tewantin life coach said.

"It was bad enough my wedding ring and engagement ring were missing but there was also a third ring which had been Brendan's nanna's wedding ring.

"She wore it every day until she passed away two years ago and his parents gave it to me as a gift last Christmas, so it was very special.

"I was so, so upset that I felt sick and neither of us were sleeping because of the worry."

Rebecca said she had a strange feeling the rings were somewhere around their home and would turn up one day but with nowhere left to look, she gave up her search and let fate take over.

And it did.


Rebecca's rings are back on her fingers.
Rebecca's rings are back on her fingers. PatrickWoods

On Saturday, while she was on the phone reporting the missing rings to police - just in case someone found them in the national park - Brendan came in from the backyard with something in his hand.

It wasn't the rings exactly, but a large poo their labrador Bella had left in the garden.

"He was laughing and said 'I don't care that I'm holding a poo right now because I've found your rings!'," Rebecca said.

And sure enough, nestled safe and sound in their dog's poo, were all three missing rings.

"I was so shocked - I didn't believe it at first," Rebecca said.

"I could see them shining in the poo but it was so crazy that that's where they were, I didn't want to get my hopes up.

"Only when we washed them off did I believe it and were hugging each other and laughing and smiling.

"It was just amazing."

The best Rebecca can work out is that two-year-old Bella gobbled up the rings from the bedside table and was carrying them around the entire time the couple were conducting their desperate search.

"Being a labrador, she's very inquisitive and while we were turning the house upside-down she was getting under our feet trying to see what we were doing," laughed a relieved Rebecca.

"So I was right, they were there the whole time - inside Bella."

And although she doesn't recommend anyone should follow her lead, Rebecca says that once the rings were washed off and sanitised, they never looked shinier.

"They're sparkling," she said.

"They look even better than when I've had them cleaned professionally!"

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