The Delltones will perform at the Twin Towns Services Club showroom on October 17.
The Delltones will perform at the Twin Towns Services Club showroom on October 17.

The Delltones perform first half of their show unplugged

AUSTRALIAN music legends The Delltones were told back in 1958 not to give up their day jobs.

Fifty-five years later, they're still touring and delighting audiences.

A four-part harmony band, The Delltones present the first half of the show unplugged, performing well-loved classics such as Get A Little Dirt on Your Hands, Come a Little Bit Closer, Hangin' Five and Gee.

The second half of the show consists of songs reflecting their full-blown revival in the mid-80s, Bop Til Ya Drop and Ticked Pink.

Ian "Peewee" Wilson, founding member and the most recognizable Delltone, has kept the band alive from the original vocal quartet to its transformation as a five-piece vocal band in the early 1980s.

This led to the band's resurgence and the chart topping revival album, 'Bop Til Ya Drop'. Today they've come full circle and have returned to their roots, a four-part harmony band.

They remain one of the most consistent live entertainers in Australia with arguably the longest performing and recording history with an original member.

As long as "Peewee" is there, it's The Delltones.

Australia loved the Delltones way back in 1958, when four young lifesavers, Noel Widerberg, Brian Perkins, Warren Lucas and Ian 'Peewee' Wilson, appeared gawky, gangly and hopeful at the Bronte Surf Club.

That same year they appeared live in Bob Roger's studio and with Johnny O'Keefe on Australian stadium, Lee Gordon Big Shows as well as the pioneering radio show Rockville Junction and television shows Six O'Clock Rock and Bandstand.

The Delltones lit up stages and television screens.

In 1963, they won four radio awards including 'Gold and Silver Baton Awards', 'Golden Microphone Award' and 'The Best Australian Record Award'.

With a highly professional presentation and stage set-up and the never diminishing allure of their signature Mr Bassman, the Dellies have charmed and energised audiences since they stormed stadiums with Johnny O'Keefe.

The bottom line for the Delltones is "entertainment".

This has been recognised over the years by three Mo Awards and four Ace Awards.

Fifty years on, audiences still scream, shout and go away looking forward to coming back for another dose as soon as possible.

The slogan immortalised by Peewee in the 80s: 'Keep on Raging to Stop The Aging,' has entered the national vocabulary, while the Delltones themselves have entered international consciousness.

"When we first started in 1958," Peewee points out, "a lot of people were telling us we might as well enjoy ourselves while we could because that music wasn't going to last, rock 'n' roll was a passing fad which would soon disappear."

More than 50 years later, The Delltones beg to differ.

If you only go out once this year, don't miss The Delltones live - they're better than ever.

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